Zinnius Jackdaw

A Jackdaw Kenku Ranger played by Brittany in Jim's most recent campaign (2021). Zinnius' first name is pronounced as "Phineas" with a 'Z', taken inspiration from the flower, Zinnia, specifically the one that bloomed in outer space. A Jackdaw is "a small gray-headed crow that typically nests in tall buildings and chimneys, noted for its inquisitiveness."

Zinnius Jackdaw, a Jackdaw Kenku, grew up in the Jackdaw clan and over the years began a family- a partner Amaryllis, and daughter, Sasha. One fateful day, a band of rogues tore into their camp and kidnapped and killed some of the clan- with him to be one of the few who escaped. He sought help from a local ruling noble, Baasim al-Beshara but they would only help if he worked for them as a protector. He was trained to become a skilled ranger set to watch over the al-Beshara family and be their vassal while they told them they were searching for any information about the tragedy his clan has endured.

As time went on Zinnius became frustrated with the noble and sought answers, and al-Beshara assured him that they had found the probable kidnapper of his family. With his newly acquired skills, Zinnius was given the quest to take out another high official in Queg, noble Lydia Lysander, who according to al-Beshara, was the one responsible for his losses as well as supposedly betraying a trade agreement they had in place.

When the mission goes south, Zinnius is captured and tortured to a point where he has forgotten why he was there and who he was. After 4 years in prison, he was fortunately able to escape, and began a new life. He became a fletcher and lived in a small town building arrows for the local marksmen, that was the only skill he could recall. Now a craftsman at the age of 40, he owns his own shop and has a quiet life in a trade town. Zinnius generally doesn’t like to go out to new places but will if he has to, due to him living mostly a life stuck inside (ex: close clan, noble’s property/land, prison cell, etc.)

Until one day, he receives a letter from an anonymous source, detailing that the ruling noble in LiMeth, al-Beshara, was the one who set the rogues upon him, kidnapped and killed his clan, sending them out to the opposing noble as a truce, and forcing Zinnius to work directly for the al-Beshara family as to not reveal al-Beshara’s deceit, but also learning that his daughter is still alive. Zinnius is also granted the memory that he was once a ranger. Only recalling this, he must traverse the land to figure out where his daughter is being kept, while also trying to figure out how he will bring the corrupt noble(s) to justice.

al-Beshara’s intentions:

  • Hired rogues to kidnap kenku and use them as collateral/gift to Noble, Lydia Lysander, for a treason his family committed, unbeknownst to Zinnius. He keeps Zinnius close to him as a way to train him and keep him from finding out that he was the reason for the kidnappings/deaths of Zinnius’ family. al-Beshara doesn’t believe Zinnius is smart enough to inquire or figure out he was the one who called for the kidnapping.
  • al-Beshara also was preparing to use Zinnius to get revenge on the Lysanders, as he generally doesn’t like the other noble anyway.

(2 Birds,1 stone, if you will…)

  • al-Beshara’s other reasoning for using Zinnius to try and kill the Lysanders was that, it would just appear that he is another kenku out to get revenge, and since at the time Zinnius’ loyalties lied with al-Beshara, he would not give up any information on who he was really working for at the time.

Zinnius’ intentions:

The start of the campaign is where Zinnius receives the anonymous letter detailing the following:

  • Baasim al-Beshara was the noble who paid the rogues to kidnap his Jackdaw clan to use as a truce gift to Lydia Lysander. Zinnius originally was unaware that al-Beshara was the one who called for the kidnapping, if he did he obviously would not have gone to him for help.
  • Lydia Lysander’s family was the one who received the “gift” of the Jackdaw clan, Zinnius does not know if this means they were used as servants or something else, he doesn’t know who she is personally and is unknown of her intentions, only that al-Beshara told Zinnias that she was the one who called for the kidnapping (which was false).
  • His daughter Sasha is still alive, he doesn’t learn anything about Amaryllis.
  • He at one point was a skilled ranger. Due to his lack of memory he only recalls that he has the ability to do basic archer skill (i.e. back at 1st level).

Zinnius’ goals for the campaign:

  • Find his daughter (and potentially his wife, still unclear).
  • Bring al-Beshara to justice.
  • Figure out what sort of person Lydia Lysander is and if she needs to be brought to justice as well.

Important plot related items Zinnius would have on him

  • Anonymous letter detailing the above information, it has a silver and blue wax seal with a crescent moon, with a silver ribbon and the handwriting is written in common although it appears to be quite small as if done in the hand of a child or small person.