Zilan Wine

(based on the Classic Traveller adventures "Zilan Wine" and "Kidnapped on Aramanx" from The Traveller Adventure)

The same pregen characters were used again for this adventure, which was our second delve/trial session.

The crew lands on the farming world of Harvest and attends a wine tasting party. They make contact with Gustav & Lisa Fireau, the father and daughter owners of Fireau et Fille Vineyards. They hire the ship to secretly transport Lisa and a cargo of high priced eiswine to Persephone for auction, instead of selling it to their normal distributor, Tukera Shipping.
The auction is a success and the Fireaus make a huge profit. However, Lisa is kidnapped and held for ransom. With the assistance of Marc Oberlindes, the merchant who bought the Fireaus' wine, they are able to track Lisa's kidnappers to a remote resort island. The crew attacks the cottage and defeats the core world mercenaries holding Lisa prisoner.

Silly Quotes
Tony “Islands house villains”
Jim “Too bad you don’t have any alcohol.”
Tony throws in some plot points.
Tony “Check for beer under the seat.”