Zheng Ou

Zheng Ou ("Soaring Gull") class long range Shuttle

Tonnage: 40 (Vehicle)
Speed Class: 4 Full Burn: 6 (Reaction drive SC: 5 HB 7)
Crew: 1
Fuel Capacity: 2 tons (300 hours)
Cargo: 10 tons
Bunks: 6
Lounge: 6 tons
Price: 1,600 cr.
Agi:d6 Str:d12 Vit:d6 Ale:d6 Int:d4 Wil:d4
Perception:d4 Pilot:d4
Complexity: Average
Assets: Fast Thrusters (m)
Maintenance cost: 80 cr. per year

A long range, pulse drive shuttle intended for trips beyond a world's moons. The Zheng Ou has six "privacy bunks", basically sleeper tubes like in a coffin hotel. There is also a small lounge with seating and a small wash room and head.