Zaonderh D'rargav

Devaronian Grifter played by Michael

Physical Description




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Bounty Hunter- Cathar male Tahr Gaast- When a big brute of a Cathar tells you you're going to help him, maybe its a good thing that you do. But they don't forget either and Zaonderh's connections have made Tahr's business easier and he owes Zaonderh more than a few favors.

Gangster- Twi'lek Male Bib'seca- Bib'seca is an ambitious lieutenant working in Soach's syndicate on Mangez. He's not any fonder of the Empire than any other non-human, but business comes first. But if its business and hurts the Empire, he's interested. Orange skin, yellow eyes, very ugly.

Gunrunner/Arms Dealer- Human Female Mylee Harik- Mylee works out of what looks like a hole in the wall pawn shop on Genesia, but the permanently "out of order" drop tube at the back leads to her storehouse below the city streets. Keeping the customs officers paid off is a significant overhead, but it is worth it.