(Played by Raleigh)

Physical Description

Abinyshi were reptilian sapients native to Inysh. They were bipedal, slender beings with long, supple limbs, flat faces, and forked tails. They developed space travel about the same time as the Corellians and Duros, but their technology was not as advanced. Their colonies were limited to planets near Inysh.



A Quote




Senior Cartographer Sabe Daivik- A member of the Republic Scout Service, she is responsible for overseeing nav chart updates for four sectors of the Mid Rim region. Her office is in the Scout base on Daalang. Its a desk job and it shows. Human female, dark short hair, overweight, mid 40's.

Supply Officer Ukharr Teen- A Gran supply officer for the Scout Service based on Skynara. A true wheeler-dealer of a supply officer, he can get you anything on the Logistic Department's Supply list. For a little extra, things not on the list… Male Gran, he has poor vision in his center eye and wears a human style monocle. He is also fond of tea.