(Played by Michael)

Physical Description




A Quote

My Little Friend (minor)- One of your pieces of equipment is a MSE droid with a radio data link so you can see and hear what it does.

Second Class Citizen(Major)- Droids are looked down upon and sometimes hated as competition for low end jobs. Some establishments may forbid their entry or they may be attacked by lynch mobs. -2D penalty to interpersonal skill rolls in those situations.


Truzen- A Verpine technician on Lyran IV, it befriended XTR when it first began working. Truzen's relationship with XTR is a cross between doctor and mad scientist, repairing XTR's damages and sometimes coming up with strange new upgrades to offer.

Captain Dua Nian- A Sullustan transport captain, she met XTR when it first began working and bought passage on Nian's ship. Nian was amused by a droid trying to make its way in such a vicious trade. Female Sullustan, with white braided hair.

Officer Jallo Venne- Officer Venne is a local law officer on Abrion Major. Venne and XTR met during XTR's attempt to capture a bounty passing through the port here. Human male, late 40's. Dark skin and eyes, bald.