Wylie the Gnome Druid

Played by Kimi

Wylie grew up in a moderately sized forest village with loving parents and a supportive community. During school years, Wylie excelled at engineering and spell casting. She found communicating with her animal brethren came easily and she often spent days picking the minds of the creatures in the surrounding woods. With only mild encouragement from her parents she followed in their footsteps by joining the village scouts. The scouts spent their time mapping surrounding areas, documenting wildlife, and evaluating perceived threats. Because the village remained peaceful for hundreds of years, the scouts were able to focus more on playing practical jokes on each other and genuinely enjoying living on the fringes of society. Wylie was often praised for her creative use of engineering to entrap even the most suspicious gnomes in her hilarious and elaborate pranks. Even the victims of her crafty gift left chuckling if not muttering under their breath. The children of the village (including the young at heart) frequently tried to catch Wylie in their own home-made entrapments but the scouts vigilance left the other gnomes mostly disappointed.
Coyot, a fellow scout, shared a deep appreciation for the natural arts and a deep emotional connection with Wylie. After much mischief and tomfoolery ending in both Gnomes rolling on the ground in fits of laughter, their courtship began and continued for almost 10 years. Although regularly separated for independent scout and community related duties, the friends would always find their way back to their secret clearing in the woods where they would spend long hours perfecting their crafts and deviously planning. After a week of routine trail and trap maintenance, Wylie eagerly awaited Coyot's return to the special clearing. Hours passed and he was long over due. She camped there for days while worry crept into her heart. For weeks the scouts scoured the surrounding areas but no trace of him could be found. When Wylie could no longer stand the questions in her head, she filled her pack and said goodbye to her family. With a hole in her heart, Wylie befriended a tiny owl who agreed to accompany her on the long journey with no destination. Together the minuscule warriors set out to find answers.