Writing a Scroll

Spell Scrolls

Time and Cost
The rules say any spellcaster can write a scroll. Time is one day per level of spell, minimum one day (one day for cantrips). The scroll writer must expend a spell slot of the appropriate level each day while working on the scroll. Cost for materials is 25gp/level or for cantrips, plus the normal material components of the spell (if any). Selling price is 200gp per spell level, possibly adjusted upward for spells with a high material component cost.

Unless otherwise stated, a scroll operates at the base level of the spell. A scroll can be made with a higher spell slot level (Magic Missile with a 3rd level spell slot), in which case the cost, time and price is based on the level of the spell slot expended. A higher level caster writing a cantrip would multiply by the cantrip steps (a 2d10 Firebolt is equal to a 2nd level spell).

Scroll writing failure
There is 20% chance that the scroll is flawed. Modifiers: + level of spell, - (writer's level + writer's Arcana skill level/2 round up). So a 5th level character with +6 Arcana writing a 3rd level spell has a 15% (20+3-(5+6/2=8) chance of failure. Make an Arcana check versus DC of 8 + spell's level to see if it is done properly. Scrolls bought from NPCs are generally correct.

Protection Scrolls

These are essentially a scroll with the spell Magic Circle, but with a few changes. First, the spell is meant to read by anyone who can read it. Second, the spell only blocks one particular type of creature (Aberrations, Beasts, Celestials, Elementals, Fey, Fiends, Lycanthropes, Plants, Undead). The area of effect is a 10 foot radius, 20 foot tall cylinder that lasts five minutes and moves with the reader. The scroll is basically a 3rd level spell scroll for time to write but cost and selling price are doubled. If it is written at a higher spell level, add five minutes per additional spell slot level.