Wolf Moon

Players and Characters
Brittany- Warforged Paladin Boomer
Chmiel- Dwarf Forge Cleric Dingle Berry
Kevin- Eladrin Rogue Felix
Lee- Tabaxi Barbarian Mist
Mike- Drow Wild Mage Sorcerer Gi'deon

The party is travelling through Delimbiyr Vale along the road between Secomber and Daggerford. They find a wagon in the road with three dead men, one dead and one missing horse. Felix uses his Cloak of Invisibility and approaches. The dead men are a merchant, a commoner driver and a warrior. They and the remaining horse have been killed by animals; they have bite and claw wounds. When Felix moves a body, two wolfmen and a large wolf charge out of the woods to attack. The rest of the party comes to his aid and more monsters come out of the trees on the other side of the road. The party comes to his assistance. They begin cutting down enemy, the wolfmen change to human form when killed, they are werewolves!
Once the battle is over, one of the werewolves is still alive and begs for mercy. He tells them he was a simple farmer, the other werewolves captured and infected him and forced him to join their pack. He doesn't want to be a werewolf, if they promise to help him, he can lead them to the werewolves' lair. The party agrees and follow him to lair in the hills. Along the way, the party is attacked by phase spiders, but they kill two and the third flees. They find the lair in an old ruined castle's dungeon and fight the rest of the werewolves and their direwolf companions. With the werewolf pack slain, they loot the ruins and take the former farmer with them to Daggerford to find a cure for his curse.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Discussing character names, Chmiel names his dwarf cleric "Dingle Berry"
Jim "Dingle, of the clan Berry"
Lee "It does sound like a D&D character name"
Chmiel "If they can have Erky Timbers in an <official> adventure, why not?"

They find a wagon surrounded by dead bodies. one of the horses is dead, the other is gone
Brittany "Clearly, one of the horses got drunk and ran off"

Looking at the stony ground texture Jim used for the map
Lee "Ooh, we're on Mars"

UPDATE- Brittany and I were talking about odd characters and she mentioned her warforged paladin named Boomer, that she named as a play on the phrase, "Okay, boomer". I told her I had assumed it was a reference to the killer robots called "boomers" in the Bubblegum Crisis anime that her boyfriend Chmiel is obsessed with. Her jaw dropped open and she was stunned for moment, then said "I never thought of that…"