Mr. Wolf's Biography

Lang Ye was born on Gonghe to an upper middle class family where he had a fairly comfortable upbringing. He also answers to Mr. Wolf which originated as a hacker persona.

As a child, he excelled at Martial Arts and the use, and misuse, of computers. Before he was even out of high school he obtained a job programming gaming machines at a local casino. As the casino was run by the local Tongs, one of his responsibilities was configuring the computers in the gaming machine to be a little bit less random, so that the Tongs could skim a little extra off of the top. Eventually he was approached by his uncled Qi Qong, a member of rival Tongs to modify the machines yet again so that his group would get a take. This worked fairly well for a time until the Tongs who controlled the casino began to get suspicious as to what was going on. Qi Qong was one step ahead and let Mr. Wolf know that he had to get out of Dodge and lay low. Qi Qong gave him a fairly generous amount of credits so that he could gain passage on a ship to lay low for awhile. Qi Qong also promised that he would keep in touch with him and would let him know when the heat had died down enough so that he might be able to return home.

Mr. Wolf is fairly confident in his abilities, perhaps too confident. For instance, he always leaves a calling card in his code. He is a bit of a neat freak and does not enjoy working, or living, in filthy environments. He does harbor some prejudice towards those born in the black. His uncle has tried to teach him how to use firearms, but he has absolutely no aptitude for them to the point where he might be more of a danger to himself or his companions if he were to pick one up. Because of this, his uncle encouraged him to increase his martial arts skills as he has hopes that Lang Ye would one day join him as a Tong. Lang studied a slightly more modernized/aggressive style of Aikido and quickly became extremely skilled at the art. He is adroit at using the space that he has available to his advantage in a fight as well as using whatever items he can find even if they are seemingly harmless.

After helping fight off the Reavers, Lang Ye approached Capt'n Sata with a proposal: he needs to keep moving, but can't afford to pay the full passenger fee each time. Would Sata be willing to take him as a part time crew member? Lang Ye will work for passage and maybe a small share of pay, and in return he will help with cargoes, is good with electronics and has demonstrated his ability to defend the ship and crew. Sata agreed.

As of June 2511, Lang has been made a full crew member. The recent upgrades to the Yellow Submarine are straining Jackson's ability to carry out all the maintenance. Lang's skill with computers and electronics will allow him to take over work on those systems, letting Jackson focus on the ship's propulsion.