Wizard Guilds

Major Guilds

Masters of the Book- Tome of Magic, Wild Mages
Master Hall: Opal
Minor Halls: Chaya, Freegate, Beryl
Guesthouses: Verella

Toril’s Guild- Forgotten Realms, Pages from the Mages
Master Hall: Opal
Minor Halls: Beryl, Verella,
Guesthouses: Chaya, Freegate,

The Grey Hawk- Greyhawk spells
Master Hall: Verella
Minor Halls: Opal, Beryl, Chaya
Guesthouses: Freegate

Minor Guilds

Casters of Phantasm- Illusionists
Master Hall: Beryl
Minor Halls: Opal

Other Groups

Ventimiglian Nobles- Book of Horrors, Sorcerer’s Spellbook, Necromancer handbook
Southern Kingdoms- Incantatrix, Paramander, misc.

Guild Facilities

Master Hall- The main office of the guild. Full library and some research facilities. Meeting hall, council chambers, courtroom, private offices, guest rooms, dining hall. Training rooms and teaching facilities. Magically secured jail.

Minor Hall- Local office. Library containing spells up to 5th level, no research facilities. Meeting rooms, a few offices, guest rooms, dining room. Training rooms.

Guesthouse- A small inn which reserves a few rooms for guild members.

What do Wizards do?

If wizards were willing to engage in combat and throw fireballs around, that’s what all warfare would come down to. Therefore, fifth level and higher wizards are either rare, or just unwilling to come out and throw fireballs around on the battlefield. So if they’re not employed as magical artillery, what do they do for a living?
Magical Advisors- Many mages work for nobility as advisors. They may also serve to cast minor spells, brewing potions, etc.
Magic for hire- Wizards may run a small shop selling potions and material components to other spellcasters, casting divination spells, possibly making small magic items