Captain Windsor's History

2476 - Born on Londinium.

2492 - At age 16, joins Naval cadets.

2494 - Admitted to Dartmouth Naval Academy. In top 20% of class, distinguished cricket player.

2498 - First commission in Londinium Space Navy.

2498 - 2505 - Serves in Londinium Space Navy in a variety of roles, becomes familiar with all aspects of Naval operations. Rises to rank of Commander, XO of ship LNS Liverpool.

2505 - The Liverpool is on outer patrol when Londinium joins Alliance and the war starts.

2505 - 2510 - Served in the Alliance Navy

2510 - Windsor defects after Aphrodite bombings. Contacts his lady, Victoria Townshend, and lets her know of his defection. They agree to meet on New Melbourne at the end of the war and she arranges passage. The ship she was on disappears en route. Back on Londinium, Windsor's father publicly disowns him after his defection.

2510 - 2511- Initially distrusted by the Independent Space Navy (after all, he fought against them at Qin Shi Huang, etc), he earns the trust of the ISN by providing valuable information about Alliance Space Navy operations and logistics. Rises quickly through the ranks due to his insight into the Alliance Navy and his professional manner - also the war was going pretty badly for the Independents by this point and there was probably high attrition in their military. By the time of the Battle of Sturges, he has worked his way back up to XO on his ship, INS Kiev, a heavy cruiser from the Georgia system patrol. The Kiev is called to Hera to join the ISN fleet there and falls victim to the Alliance ambush. During the battle, Windsor's captain is killed and he takes command of the Kiev briefly and performs well, destroying a couple of smaller Alliance ships due to his insight into their battle operations. However, the Kiev is disabled and captured at the end of the battle, Windsor and crew taken prisoner. Windsor was questioned by the Alliance about the whereabouts of Admiral Sharpe and his crew, but he didn't know anything about where they disappeared to.

2511 - Released at the end of the war. With no home to return to on Londinium, he spends a year or two on New Melbourne trying to find out what happened to Victoria's ship, but finds no clues.

2513 - 2514 - Realizes the only thing left for him is flying, he manages to get some money together and "buy" the Britannia. Actually, thinking about it now, he got the ship for a REALLY low down payment and very reasonable payments. Could the lender have an ulterior motive?

2514 - 2516 - Takes on small jobs and builds his reputation for on-time deliveries. Builds the crew up from himself, Cid and Silas with the addition of Naomi to handle the higher end techy stuff Silas can't and the recent addition of medic Ruan, as Windsor has had a few potential passengers balk at longer trips without a medic on board. Also, there are the occasional "irregular" jobs where it's handy to have a medic around…