Wilks Stuff

Wilks' Chair

Wilks' lawnchair folds with surprising perfection, it is infact, the only thing he has from his life before the military, and to the surprise of many, it has lasted as long as it has. This vinal folding chair from earth that was is mostly held together with Kevlar patch tape, not dissimilar to that featured in the space hulk adventure. One of the joints and a crossbar has been replaced with newer, albeit less authentic aluminum-stainless parts. It is, reportedly, the most comfortable seat in the house and rests in his room near the door, located aft, port side.

Wilks' Gun

Wilks' Gun shoots holes in stuff. Usually located not far from the lawn chair , it's official home (after the incident) is on a mantle or in it's case (which happens to bulge at the sides, often being mistaken for a guitar case). However, when things get exciting, it can usually be found in Wilks' quarters, in a hidden stow in the cargo bay or in the shuttle.

Wilks' Cigarettes

Not to be smoked. These are usually kept by the square on Wilks' person, either in a boonie hat, a magazine belt clip, shirt pocket or, usually when things are about to get real interesting, behind the ear.

Wilks' Glasses

Usually worn on his face when out in the open air, in a shirt pocket or in his room when not. Wilks' Glasses look very similar to any of the fancy core-worlders', with the exception of a watch-like pip from the right hand side top and bottom corners.

Wilks' Railgun

Wilks got this gun when he and Lang Ye captured an underworld hitman on Paquin.

Ares Interplanetary Arms Leijiao (Thunderstrike) Railgun Sniper Rifle
Newtech (x4) Sniper rifle. Damage d12W, ignores 3 points of armor, 2,000 ft range, RoF 3, Magazine 40, 32x Electronic scope with Image Enhancement, Thermal Imaging, Motion Highlighting. 640 credits

Inspired by this artwork.