(Played by Tony)

Wilks was an enlisted sniper in the 23rd Fast Attack Unit on Hera. This particular division used ATVs for quick in-and-out missions intended to disrupt lines of communication and create chaos and confusion.

After an incident that ended in the death of his commanding officer and love interest, Wilks was demoted to private for gross insubordination. He was transferred to the 42nd Overlanders Forward Field Medical Facility in a unit protection detail. Soon after he became the outlet of Dr. Lennon's rants and raves of the Beatles, and Captain Sata's Master Plan to achieve a perfect freedom. Wilks was just happy to have friends that would have a tougher time getting themselves killed.

From there, Wilks did his job, and he did it well. His clear and concise manner of speaking helped relay to Lennon casualty reports, and his keen sniper eye helped coordinate drop points for Captain Sata.

At the end of the Battle of Serenity Valley, Wilks and the doctor, as well as a few others caught the last transport before the Alliance did their final sweep. Soon after, the crew (found themselves an Osprey of their own OR retained the Osprey from the battle, having nowhere to go home to) and begun taking missions wherever they might find them.

Wilks still wears his browncoat from time to time, but doesn't much like to remember the war, other than on Unification Day. Wilks' browncoat is embroidered with 23 in faded red on the right shoulder. This is non-standard for an Independents uniform, but usually goes without notice.

Wilks goals are based around war in early life. He wants to hunt, Find and Kill the Butcher, He wants to 'live a life of ease', to Tinker and build, an attempt to offset his career of destruction, and eventually settle down, maybe opening a bar in his later years.


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The Butcher

Lincoln-Montgomery Wilks

Age:29 Description: Browncoat Sniper
Homeworld: Shadow

Agility: d10
Strength d8
Vitality d8
Alertness d8
Intelligence d8
Willpower d8

Animal Handling d6
Artistry d2
Athletics d6
Covert d6
- Stealth d10
- Surveillance d8
Discipline d6
Medical Expertise d4
Perception d6
Planetary Vehicles d6
- Hover d8
Guns d6
- Sniper Rifle d12
- Assault Rifle d8
Melee Weapons d6
- Fish d8
Unarmed Combat d6
Survival d6

Tough as Nails (m)
Nature Lover (m)
Military Rank (m)
Nose for Trouble (m)
Fightin' Type (M)
Lightnin' Reflexes (M)

Loyal- Browncoats (m)
Ego Signature (m)
Stoic (m)
Phobia- Space walks (m)
Deadly Enemy (m)