White Sun Campaign

While the White Sun system is home to the Core Worlds and the birthplace of the Alliance, there are many less populated and less advanced worlds that are considered Border or even Rim worlds in the system.

After Persephone was conquered in June of 2505, the Alliance turned its attention to the other worlds in White Sun, wanting to establish its military control over the system. Some worlds like Bellerophon and Gonghe were simple matters of landing troops and declaring occupation, as the inhabitants were too busy with their own affairs to care.

There was fighting on Pelorum and Parth and Independent ships made regular attempts to run the blockades and deliver supplies. In the end, these worlds were simply too close to the Core Worlds and too far from help. By December of 2505, the White Sun system was fully under Alliance control.

But it was a major leap from conquering the neighboring worlds to invading the more distant ones like Boros or New Melbourne. Alliance planners were forced to undertake a long period of preparation for the next stage in the war. During this time, there were no more land battles. Instead, all of the conflict was in space as Independents and their sympathizers attempted to move people and vital war material to the outer worlds.