What's Next?

As the threat to Faerun from the Giant menace starts to materialize, our group of intrepid adventures has discovered quite a few leads, potential side quests, and possible avenues of investigation:

Bryn Shander - The group is still under contract to deliver Morak Ur'Gren's letter to Sheriff Markham of Bryn Shander, brother of Semile Southwell, who perished in the sack of Nightstone. Red Bryn Shander, all the way to top of map.

Goldenfields Quests - The party's heroic efforts in the defense of Goldenfields has earned them the respect of the townsfolk. With respect comes many cries for help:

  1. Shalvus Martholio's Quest - Shalvus, a local shepherd who assisted in the defense of Goldenfields, asked the party to escort him from Goldenfields to Bargewright Inn. Yellow G1
  2. Lifferlas's Quest - Lifferlas, the awakened tree guardian of Goldenfields, urged the party to seek out his creator, Aerglas, who was last seen 30 years ago heading on a pilgrimage to Shadowtop Cathedral. Yellow G2
  3. Miros Xelbrin's Quest - Miros, the proprietor of Northfurrow's End, suggested that the party travel to Amphail and give his regards to Arleosa Starhenge, the owner of the Stag-Horned Flagon. Yellow G3
  4. Oren Yogilvy's Quest - Oren, the drunken halfling bard who first alerted the town to the Giant attack, asked the party to check on his sister, Lily, who works at the Happy Cow tavern in Daggerford. Yellow G4

Old Gnawbones' Clues - During the party's encounter with the ancient green dragon known as Old Gnawbones, she gave them 2 clues:

  1. COMPLETED Eye of the All-Father - the dragon told the party to travel north to the Valley of Khedrun and seek the ancient Giant temple, where they can learn what must be done to end the Giant menace. Yellow D1
  2. COMPLETED (Harshnag) Friendly Giant? - Old Gnawbones told the party to keep an eye out for a frost giant wearing a helm made from a white dragon's skull - he may be able to help the party.

Triboar Quests - the party's assistance in saving the town from burning down in the aftermath of the Fire Giant attack earned them favour with the town's inhabitants, and their subsequent hunt and defeat of the attackers earned them the status of heroes. The townsfolk offered helpful information and gifts to the party:

  1. COMPLETED - Daratha Shendrel's Quest - The Lord Protector of Triboar, impressed with the party's handling of the Fire Giant threat, tasked the party with alerting the Harpers about the Giant threat. She gave the party a badge that will identify them as associates of the Harpers and urged them to travel east and visit Danivarr's House in Everlund and give the badge to Dral Thelev, the half-orc proprietor and Harper operative. Yellow T1
  2. COMPLETED - Urgala Meltimer's Quest - Urgala, proprietor of the Northshield House, was thankful to the party for their assistance in the aftermath of the Giant attack. She related to the party that one of her former adventuring companions, Harthos Zymorven, owned a Giant Slayer greatsword. Urgala urged the characters to track down Harthos in Zymorven Hall, his family's ancestral home located on the Rauvin Road northwest of Silverymoon. Urgala believes that if the party explains their quest against the Giant threat and mentions her name, Harthos will give the party the Giant Slayer. Yellow T2
  3. COMPLETED - Othovir's Quest - Othovir, the town harness maker, was so impressed with the party's actions after the Giant attack that he shared a secret with the party: the location of a stash of magic items owned by the Margaster family in Silverymoon. Othovir is kin to the Margasters, but had a falling out with them that he will not discuss. Orthovir gave the party details on the layout of the Margaster compound. Yellow T3
  4. Ghelryn Foehammer's Quest - Ghelryn, the dwarven blacksmith, was so pleased with the party's defeat of the Orc henchmen of the Fire Giants that he wrote them a letter of recommendation to King Morinn and Queen Tithmel of the dwarven stronghold of Citadel Felbarr. If they travel there and present the letter, Ghelryn is sure the monarchs will aid the party in their quest to defeat the Giant threat. Yellow T4

Go Your Own Way - the party can decide their own path if none of the quests appeal to them. Information about the increasing number of Giant incursions in the North is filtering back to cities and towns everywhere…

Jim's Edit I made up a map of the area with locations of possible destinations keyed on the map. Triboar, where we are, and Bryn Shander are in red. Goldenfields quests are G1-G4 in yellow. Triboar quests are T1-T4 in yellow. The Dragon's clue is D1 in yellow.


Jim's vote: As much as I want to get the last letter delivered and off our hands, its not priority or time urgent. None of the Goldenfields quests seem worth the time or backtracking at this time. It might be worth going back to to Goldenfields at some point to hunt for "Gahk" who was behind the hill giant/goblinoids attack. Triboar quest #3 sounds unethical ("Hey, I hate my family. We have magic items, would you like to rob them so I can hurt them?") unless they are evil. So Sir Conlan's vote is for T1, T2, T4 then D1 in that order. Maybe we can deliver the last letter afterwards.

Kevin's Vote: I agree that we should do T1/T2, T4 and D1. Or we could go to D1 first, but that seems more dangerous and we can potentially get a lot of help by going East first. I'm also willing to take a look at the T3 location. I'm sure that family would be happier without a few magic trinkets than if they were slaughtered by giants.