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(Newest material is at the bottom- Jim)

Posted The Road to Everlund for Lee's Storm King's Thunder 5E campaign. Also posted maps for the Sword Coast and Harpers' Teleportation Circles. I had to add Bryn Shander, Everlund and Goldenfields to the Sword Coast map. The maps I have found so far have been either too detailed (possible clues) or have left out some towns. I felt it was better to edit the simpler map.

I am altering the way we do ability and proficiency checks in AD&D. I am going to adopt the use the system from later editions for proficiency check difficulty numbers, now we always roll high for checks, saves and to hit rolls. EDIT- And I am dropping it for the original.

Part one of Droid Army Cache for my Star Wars D6 campaign Rebellion is up.

We started The Lorothim Letter adventure for my AD&D campaign, Blood Dawn.

Chmiel has created a page for the Pathfinder campaign Kingdom of Kharn.

Well, that could have gone better. We basically had a TPK, but some characters escaped and the rest are prisoners of the drow in the second half of The Lorothim Letter.

New Useful Link, Colonial Chrome, which has a lot of Star Wars related links, especially ship deckplans.

Part two of Droid Army Cache and the beginning of Boots on the Ground are posted for Jim's Star Wars D6 campaign Rebellion.

Finished One Man's Castle AD&D campaign Bad Hand and began Astral Rescue, the conclusion to the Bad Hand campaign.

I got two new RPGs. Planet Mercenary and Monster Hunters International. I may run some delves of each or use MHI for Hellboy/BPRD material.

We completed Astral Rescue and that concludes the Bad Hand AD&D mini campaign. Thanks to everyone for playing!

Posted adventure Orbit City for Star Wars D6 campaign Rebellion.

Posted Sword of the Father for Lee's Storm King's Thunder 5E campaign.

Death by Triflexia for Jim's Star Wars D6 campaign Rebellion is up.

Hmmm. I think I am behind on posts. Well, it's been a slow summer for gaming. Ryan is back and is playing in my AD&D Blood Dawn campaign. And there's a new adventure posted, The Road South.

Posted Eye of the All Father for Lee's Storm King's Thunder 5E campaign. And we played Artemis, so I made a page for that.