What's New

(Newest material is at the bottom- Jim)

I put my joke pages on their own page, Other Funny Stuff, separate from the ingame silly quotes page.

Gone Daddy Gone/Feyke Out is up for "Depths of Evil".

We started Hunting Ezra/Fey Rescue for "Depths of Evil" and had a very short Hag Tower for "Beginners' Game"

Part two of Hunting Ezra/Fey Rescue is up.

And we finally (three long sessions!) finished Hunting Ezra/Fey Rescue!

I'm starting to prep Beginners' Game 2.

Brother Chase is up for "Depths of Evil".

The first half of Mother Found is up for "Depths of Evil"

And we finished Mother Found, but Katya couldn't make it, so we'll pick up with mom's revival next game.

Beginners' game 2 is now on hold as Beginners' Game 3, there will be a new Beginners' Game 2.

I'm way behind! I missed Drow After Dark, Dragon Hunt, and now Road to Baldur's Gate!

Beginners' Game 3 is probably dead from lack of interest, we'll see when we try Beginners' Game 2 again.

Way behind again! Pub Crawl with Vampires and the first part of Doppel Trouble are up for "Depths of Evil".