What's New

(Newest material is at the bottom- Jim)

We finally got to start "Depths of Evil"! The adventure summary for The Foe Surfaces is up.

Summary for Tea Time is up for "Depths of Evil".

Demon Village and some changes to "Depths of Evil" have been posted.

Kevin and Emily are back, they played with the new kids in The Elfane Taig.

Hlammach Questions has been posted for "Depths of Evil".

The first part of Giant Hunting is up.

Lyrabar Larceny is posted.

I'm WAY behind!! There's the Fey Forest, Coastal Cities and Sahuagin Attack for Depths of Evil, and part two of Giant Hunting.

Conspiracy Revealed has been posted for "Depths of Evil".

And now, thanks to Jack inspiring me, we have the Magic Shop Sketch.

Katya, Sam and Melissa had a side quest for Lost Assets. And I forgot to say Sister Talk/Wizard's Message is up before that.

I put my joke pages on their own page, Other Funny Stuff, separate from the ingame silly quotes page.

Gone Daddy Gone/Feyke Out is up for "Depths of Evil".

We started Hunting Ezra/Fey Rescue for "Depths of Evil" and had a very short Hag Tower for "Beginners' Game"

Part two of Hunting Ezra/Fey Rescue is up.

And we finally (three long sessions!) finished Hunting Ezra/Fey Rescue!

I'm starting to prep Beginners' Game 2.