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(Newest material is at the bottom- Jim)

Posted the double tire fire that was House Cleaning/Gathering Storm in Cult of Madness.

Lee's game is back! Posted the conclusion to Three Level Tour. Next stop, Skullport!!

Now we're back on track, pay no attention to the rails. Aftermath for Cult of Madness is up.

Well, that went more according to plan. Part one of Forgotten Map is up for Jim's Cult of Madness.

The first part of Skullport Shuffle is up for Lee's Waterdeep Dragon Heist campaign.

And now, the conclusion to Forgotten Map

Put up a little update to Skullport Shuffle based on Brittany's summary of the second session.

I renamed Lee's campaign to Waterdeep Adventures since we finished the "Waterdeep Dragon Heist" campaign book and are currently in the "Dungeon of the Mad Mage" campaign.

Description for the Mindflayer Town adventure for Jim's Cult of Madness campaign is up.

The first two parts of Hall of the Forest King are up for the Cult of Madness campaign.

Lee's Waterdeep Adventures campaign is on hiatus for the summer while he writes some new material and removes the party from the "Dungeon of the Mad Mage."

The conclusion to Hall of the Forest King has been posted.

Summary for Down to the Sea for Cult of Madness is up. Also the summary for the partial session of Jim's Serenity Delve Breakdown on Regina.

All but the very end of Sailor on the Sea of Fate is up for Cult of Madness.

Sailor on the Sea of Fate has it's ending and the beginning of To Rob a Thief is up.

Part two of To Rob a Thief has been posted.