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We started Lee's next D&D 5E campaign, Waterdeep Dragon Heist with The Missing Fop.

Finished The Missing Fop for Waterdeep Dragon Heist and started the next adventure, Side Quests.

Part two of Side Quests is up for Waterdeep Dragon Heist.

First part of Explosion in Waterdeep is up for Lee's Waterdeep Dragon Heist.

I am behind on updating here again, part 2 of Explosion in Waterdeep and part 1 of Passing the Stone are up for Lee’s 5E campaign.

I started a page for my next campaign based on The Expanse, we are waiting for the game from Kickstarter.

Part 2 of Passing the Stone Lee's Waterdeep Dragon Heist campaign has been posted.

I guess we should have had this already… Bang Bus Quotes

We finally finished Offer You Can't Refuse in Mike's Tomb of Annihilation campaign. Now it's back into the ruined city…

The conclusion to Passing the Stone for Lee's D&D 5E campaign Waterdeep Dragon Heist is up.

We played the sample adventure Cupbearer for the Expanse RPG.

Started Side Quests Revisited for Lee's D&D 5E campaign Waterdeep Dragon Heist.

In the spirit of the famous Cheese Shop sketch, I did the Game Shop Sketch. And now, for something completely different, the Polearm Shop Sketch.