What's New

(Newest material is at the bottom- Jim)

I'm doing a string of short adventures for new players Katya and Evan with some of my regular players. The latest is another one of my old 1st edition adventures updated to 5E; Liartians in Rye.

There's BONUS BONUS new material for the Death Star Janitor!

The first part of Demons Remember is up for Kanmorhan Vane.

Beginners' Game got a page and the first part of the next adventure, Foxglove Fall is up.

Part two of Demons Remember is up for Kanmorhan Vane, going for part three…

The conclusion to Foxglove Fall is posted, and some magic items were added to the Beginners' Game homepage.

And Demons Remember is done and a fan favorite NPC is back!

I got How to write Adventure Modules that don't Suck. Some of it was good, some did suck. Here are my thoughts.

We're coming to the end of Kanmorhan Vane. Speaker to Elves is up, only three adventures to go…

I finally typed up my how to notes for being a DM in Writing Adventures and Running Games.

I've never written it up before, but here's a cautionary tale I share with new players: don't hug the vampire! And the first half of Night Terrors for the Beginners' Game is up.

Not since the Keanu Reeves or CCR pun battles have I done something so bad. Mandalorian Jokes

Beginning of Pierce the Blackveil is up for Kanmorhan Vane.