What's New

(Newest material is at the bottom- Jim)

Forgot to say Drinking with the Devil is up for Lee's Waterdeep Dragon Heist campaign.

Summary for Derelict has been posted for Jim's Expanse campaign, Disloyal to His Own.

Jim's Expanse Campaign is on hiatus until further notice.

Parts 1 and 2 of Tower Invasion are up for Lee's Waterdeep Dragon Heist campaign. Lots of NSFW comments.

The conclusion to Tower Invasion is posted.

Emily decided to try her hand at GMing and ran Escape from Mos Shuuta for Edge of the Empire.

Entering Undermountain for Lee's Waterdeep Dragon Heist campaign is mostly up.

Jim finally got to DM again, did a little beginners' game for D&D 5E, It Began in a Tavern.

Jim's Orc Ruins adventure is up.

Jim's new D&D 5E campaign officially has a name, Cult of Madness

My new favorite webcomic is Travis J. Hanson's "Life of the Party", which I have shared several of recently. Unfortunately, he only seems to post them on his Deviantart page, but he posts one almost daily. Either scroll WAY down and keep going until you hit bottom (there's one about hitting a beholder with an arrow for 1hp) or just start at the top and go backwards, it really doesn't matter.

Jack has posted a character backstory for Giovane for Jim's Cult of Madness campaign and Sam and Brittany posted backstories for Harper and Raidne respectively.

The first part of Enter the Warlocks is up for the Cult of Madness campaign.

Working on Three Level Tour for Lee's Waterdeep Dragon Heist campaign.

Summary for Enter the Warlocks is complete.

Travis J. Hanson's "Life of the Party" is on Facebook, too. You can see new cartoons as they post. https://www.facebook.com/Travis-Hansons-Big-Imagination-Page-213431952015594/

The first part of Trouble on the Road is up.