What's New

(Newest material is at the bottom- Jim)

Way behind again! Pub Crawl with Vampires and the first part of Doppel Trouble are up for "Depths of Evil".

The conclusion to Doppel Trouble is up.

The Winter Knight and the first part of Dread Pirate Dad have been posted.

Dread Pirate Dad is complete and we have moved on to the Oracle at Sumbar.

We finished The Oracle at Sumbar and started Tilverton Rescue.

We have finished Tilverton Rescue and moved on to the Court of the Erlking. I have also posted notes about Campaign 4.

We completed Dolomoth and the Dragon.

We finished The Pit of the Abomination and started Underdark Expedition.

I posted the end of Underdark Expedition and we began Aria's Betrayal.

The second part of Aria's Betrayal is up. We got a late start and the first battle was long, so we just couldn't get anywhere close to finishing. I also put a link to Groups of Monsters on the Other Funny Stuff page.