What's for Lunch?

The introductory adventure in the back of Kobolds ate my Baby!

Konrad Gary (#1), Davey (#2)
Matt Randall (#1), Pam (#2)
Ryan Porkchop (#1), Rex (#2)

Jim to Matt "Roll 2d6 versus Reflexes to walk and lick yourself at the same time" (He failed)

The kobolds are sent by King Torg (All hail King Torg!) to steal a baby and grab some apples from a nearby village. It was successful, but they went through 2 kobolds each. The best moment was when Ryan failed a death check and had to roll on the Kobold death chart and the ancient elder god Kothubold opened a portal, stuck two tentacles through and tore apart the tavern, Gary and Porkchop with 96 points of damage. But, the resulting chaos woke all the humans up and made the baby cry so they could find it and steal it. Konrad had the baby and a backpack of apples, but Matt stole the backpack so he could get credit for bringing the apples.