What has happened in the 'Verse?

The Big Damn Medics campaign is going to take place about a year after the Yellow Submarine Campaign. So what has been happening in the 'Verse?

Political Changes
Following the events of the movie and the last campaign, Senator von Alksburg has been able to get a position on the council. After the revelation about the events on Miranda and the truth about the reavers, there was severe financial upheaval as Blue Sun Corporation and other involved corporations' stocks plummeted. Criminal investigations are ongoing and several Alliance government officials and corporate executives have been indicted as part of the investigation. A parliamentary inquiry is being formed to consider what should be done. A couple of Rim world hotheads did attempt to pass a bill in the Alliance parliament dissolving the Alliance. It failed, but there was some support. Surprisingly, a number of Core world senators supported it, stating that if the Rim worlds didn't want Alliance aid, then the Alliance can spend the money closer to home. Others feel that if the Alliance had not been so large and powerful, these tragic events could not have happened. There is currently a bill being considered to allow worlds to secede, making membership voluntary. Several old time Londinium senators are major supporters as well as most Rim world representatives, but it is expected to die in committee.

Public Outcry
There are also a large number of public movements which are gaining popularity, dealing with government spending and excesses. One of the repercussions of the Battle of Dante was an exposure of Alliance naval spending. While not exactly classified, the size of the Alliance fleet had been suppressed in public reporting and concealed in budgets. Now there's a lot of agitation, including some push from senators (particularly from Ariel) that naval spending is far too much. While there have been a rallies on Rim worlds like Boros and Hera, the largest and best organized have been on Londinium, Sihnon, Ariel and Bernadette.
And the exposure of the death toll on Miranda wounded the soul of the people of the Alliance. News agencies are investigating and someone started a memorial site on the cortex for families to post the names of settlers who went to Miranda. Public trust in the Alliance has dropped to its lowest since the war, there have been protests at the Terraforming Commission's headquarters as well as Blue Sun corporate offices. Protesters have shown up dressed as reavers or holding pictures of people lost in the failed colonization attempt. There has been a call for the Ministry of Justice to dissolve the Terraforming Commission, Blue Sun and Great East Corporation and to prosecute any involved corporate officers for murder. A popular thread on the waveblogs has been sentencing those involved to clearing the dead on Miranda. How that is going to be dealt with stuns even the most strident protestors.