What Happens In New Vegas

Ex-Cop: "Duke",as in "the Duke abides" Konrad
Ex-Prizefighter: Quincy "The Brick" Malone Matt
Ex- Space Racer "Dirty Dan" Ryan

The PCs get word of money launderer Enrique Federico Sanchez will be at the Mariner Regal hotel in Haldane city on Mars. They investigate and find the hotel is hosting a classic car cruise night. They buy a junker, put a fancy paint job on it and sign up. Since Quincy and Dirty Dan are former professional athletes, they make that part of the cover, showing up in their old uniforms. They hang around the casino until they spot their bounty and Duke follows him to a room on the 19th floor. But he gives himself away and he gets into a confrontation with the bodyguard and barely bullshits his way out of it. The next morning they wait outside the room, planning to grab Sanchez. But no one comes out so they head down to the car show. They spot Sanchez and his bodyguard getting into a limo with a man with three more bodyguards. The Duke recognizes him as a terrorist Etienne Lacour. They fire up the junker and go in pursuit. They catch up with the limo on the highway headed for the port. They pull alongside and Quincy tries to shoot out their tire, but the driver sideswipes them into a wall and speeds off. The junker is still running, but barely, they just catch up as the limo goes through the gate into the port and they pull up as the bad guys get out. They exchange fire, Duke takes out one guard, but another hoses him with a SMG and Duke goes down. Quincy finishes that guy and Dirty Dan crushes the last two against the limo with the junker. Sanchez and Lacour run for their shuttle, but Quincy punches out Sanchez with his shock gloves and Dirty Dan wounds the terrorist and knocks him out. The police show up and arrest everyone. The cowboys make out, but lose a quarter of their bounty on medical bills, legal fees, fines for littering on the highway…

Afterwards we played a short round of team Frag!, Matt and Ryan pwned Jim and Konrad.

Matt "I'm still good at what I used to do."
Jim "Yeah, beating the shit out of people."

Matt "Goddamn guest appearances, whose idea was this anyway?"
Jim "Yours."

Matt "Come for the car show, stay for the gun show!"