Welcome to the Jungle


Our adventurers comb the bar listening to more rumors of the death curse. After speaking to the bartender they find that there is a resident of the town of Oakhurst who is suffering from the death curse. She sits alone by the fire, hidden beneath robes and a veil. They approach her, and in a cracking voice they hear her say "are you ready for another adventure"? They ask her if it is true if she is affected by the curse, and she responds by lifting her veil and showing her withered face. She introduces herself as Syndra Silvane.
She tells the adventurers that she was also an adventurer in the past, who traveled with a group and tried to steal back an artifact taken from a town by a dragon. Unfortunately she was killed in the process but brought back to life by a wizard she was traveling with. At that point she decided to leave the life of adventure and settle in the outskirts of Oakhurst. She works with the Harpers and has found out that the death curse is being caused by an ancient artifact called the Soulmonger. This artifact is located in a far away land, the land of Chult. She provides the adventurers with an incomplete map of Chult that she has put together by exploring the vast land, and collecting maps from other adventurers. She offers 500GP to start and says that they will receive more after completion of the mission, as well as possible compensation from the local Merchant Princes. She asks the adventurers to come to her home in the morning and she will transport them to Chult. Our adventurers discuss it, and decide they will set out for Chult in the morning. They spend the night in the local inn, and shop for some minor supplies and rations and head to Syndra's house.
Outside Syndra's home a Harper stands outside the door, he welcomes the adventurers and escorts them into her home. Syndra welcomes her guests, and has them stand on a marked spot on the floor. She whispers words that the adventurers cannot understand, and they whisk away to the world of Chult.

The party has teleported to the city of Port Nyanzaru. It is a large city, filed with all manner of trade.The adventurers see, hear and smell many new things, but one that stands out is the number and variety of strange reptilian creatures, many used as beasts of burden. Syndra explains some of the city's history and that it is ruled by a council of powerful trades who rule as merchant princes and princesses. She takes them to the home of one, her friend Wakanga O'Tamu. Wakanga welcomes them to his estate and invites them in. The adventurers see few guards, but there are many fine weapons on the walls. They have a feeling they are magical and just waiting to leap off the walls and attack. Wakanaga makes them welcome and gives them some more information and offers help. He has an old book of spells from a lost wizard adventurer. He also tells the adventurers that an amulet with the words Vorn written on it, may help them if they can locate it. The last known area the amulet may have been seen in was in camp righteous. He also offers, for a small fee, a magic item for each party member, but he will choose an appropriate item for them. When they agree, he takes them to a treasure vault and hands each an item with an explanation. He also suggests the party hire guides for the quest into the jungle and gives them a list, many are to be found at the Thundering Lizard tavern. The party thanks him for his help and goes to the tavern and interviews a few of the guides. They choose and hire a guide, then settle in to confer about their quest to solve the riddle of the death curse. The guide suggests a location to explore to learn more about where they may need to go to solve the death curse. He informs the party that the amulet may have been stolen by a goblin tribe, and is now in Yellyark. He tells the party that Yellyark is on the way to camp righteous, and they can stop an investigate to ensure that they don't risk anymore time than they have to in the Jungle. They buy supplies their guide recommends, including a large canoe capable of holding the party and their supplies, rations and insect repellents to ward off the disease carrying pests of the jungle.

They set off on their expedition, rowing up the river into the jungle. On their first night's stop, two spectres attack in the middle of the night, but their spells and the items given to them by Wakanga defeat and destroy the undead. The next day and night are uneventful and they reach the area they need to beach the canoe at and head through the jungle. In the jungle, they are attacked by a carnivorous plant, the assassin vine. With a lot of time spent trying to kill the assassin vine, and the almost execution of the Druid (Marcus) by the vine the crew finally defeats the plant and decides to camp for the night. Morning comes and the adventurers again set out deeper into the jungle with a finals day journey until they can camp for the night, and approach Yellyark. The ranger leads the party throughout the Jungle, making excellent survival, and perception rolls. The Jungle itself is full of sounds, and with a successful perception check the ranger sees the treetops moving in a restless pattern. A howling screech rips through the air, our adventurers pause in silence. Their guide begins to shake, and recommends moving away. Our adventurers refuse to run. The sorcerer casts Burning Hands to ignite the tree that is shaking, from that leaps a giant beast, the Girallon. Our adventurers fight relentlessly, and defeat the beast without taking much damage. They journey further and the ranger again rolls well with survival to set up camp for the night. Their guide tells them that they are about an hours journey to the camp, far enough away to safely plan their ambush.

The adventurers confer and decide that they will sneak to the camp during the night. The sorcerer will cast Invisibility and do some reconnaissance around the camp. The other adventurers follow with the Sorcerer and provide missile fire in case of detection. The sorcerer successfully moves silently throughout the camp without detection, with examination of the goblins that possess weapons, as well as the queen who is wearing what he believes is the amulet they are searching for.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Caite "Can I get another tinderbox?"
Mike "Don't grab the one with AIDS"
Marcus "I think that would be grindbox"

Visiting the merchant prince's castle, looking at all the expensive furnishings and items on display
Mike "If you learned anything from Aladdin, don't touch shit"

Discussing guides, MC said one had heart
Scott "Rudy had a big heart and he sucked at football"

In the Thundering Lizard bar
Mike "The bar smells like piss"
Jim "Oh, like The Pink" (a dive bar in the Allentown district of Buffalo)