Wave Echo Cave

Tiefling Sorceror Iados- Emily
Human Paladin Sir Conlan- Jim
Half-elf Archer Nuala- JoAnne
Tiefling Cleric Skamos- Kevin
Half-elf Bard Vincent- Matt
Kobold Rogue Mixtli- Raleigh
Wood Elf Druid Theren- Callum
Dwarf Barbarian Delmar- Chris
Wood Elf Monk Valfir- Michael

The party returns to Neverwinter with the bodies of their two dead comrades. Vincent checks the magic items and finds they are two scrolls, Misty Step and Lightning Bolt, the dwarven axe is magic, it is named "Hew". Sir Conlan makes arrangements to send most of their possessions home, but sells the horses and divides Borean's magic arrows between Nuala and Mixtli. The paladin hires a group of mourners, a priest and pallbearers for the funeral procession, Vincent provides music. He also pays a group of town criers to spread the word of Vincent's attack on the dragon and to name him the "Dragon Whisperer". Before returning to Phandalin, the party is approached by two adventurers looking to hire on: the dwarf Delmar and wood elf monk Valfir. Sir Conlan agrees and they return to Phandalin with the new recruits. Hew is given to Delmar.
In Phandalin, they are reunited with Iados and Skamos who tell them Gundrin has recovered and is ready to travel. Also, someone has stolen the map to the mines and Gundrin wishes to proceed there immediately. The party decides to leave in the morning and Sir Conlan goes to see Sister Garaele and let her know her friend, the druid Reidoth is well. She gives him the scroll with Bless that was promised as payment.
In the morning, the travel to the location of the mines with Gundrin giving directions. But when they arrive at the dwarves' camp inside the caves, one of Gundrin's brothers is dead and the other missing. While Gundrin mourns, they examine the body. He was killed by swords, and most of their camp supplies are here. Enemies have penetrated the mines ahead of them! They decide to enter the mines. Climbing down a rope into the mines, they find a mixture of natural caverns and excavated rooms and tunnels. They can hear a lot, odd sound, like waves crashing in the distance. But the mine is more than 30 miles from the sea, what could it be? A large natural chamber harbors a flock of stirges which swoop down on the party. The first two attack Iados and Skamos, but Mixtli casts Sleep on the rest and they plummet to the ground. The tieflings pull the stirges from their skin while the rest of the party stomps the others to make sure they're dead. The adventurers move forward and find a door with eating noises coming from behind. Mixtli opens the door to see ghouls eating old skeletons and fires an arrow into one, then retreats. The ghouls charge the party; Delmar, Valfir and Sir Conlan raise weapons while Nuala and Vincent fire bows and Skamos and Iados cast spells. Sir Conlan smashes a ghoul with Divine Smite and the rest of the party tears the other two apart.
The party moves deeper into the mines and they find many signs of the orc attack that drove out the occupants, skeletons of orcs, dwarves and gnomes lay where they fell, but there is little treasure to be found. They come to a long tunnel and Nuala ties an oil soaked rag to an arrow, lights and fires it down a long hallway into a chamber. Zombies are drawn by the light and come down the passage to attack. Valfir hides in a side passage to attack the zombies from the side and the battle is short. They move up into a large, mostly natural chamber which was a dining hall, but is now filled with bodies of the ancient dead. They move out a side passage and find a large cavern that was a forge of some kind. There is a large furnace and a dry water channel that supplied water to a water wheel that drove the bellows for the forge. But thy are not alone. Dwarf zombies are in here and a floating skull, lit by green flame. Vincent casts Dissonant Whisper on the skull, driving it back, the party retreats into the passage to get a better position to fight the zombies, but they only follow part way down the passage. While the party tries to decide what to do, the skull casts Fireball into the party. Mortally wounded, the party retreats to heal up before going any further. They go into an abandoned storeroom and shut the door to get some rest. After a hour or so, they move out again, taking a second passage from the dining cavern. They find a door which may be barred and take another passage which brings them back to the forge chamber and the flaming skull and zombies. Skamos uses Turn Undead and drives most of the zombies away, they open up with spells and missile weapons against the skull and remaining zombies. Nuala leads Mixtli, Theren and Valfir around the long way to get at the zombies driven back by Skamos. In desperation, the rest of the party attacks he skull while Vincent watches the barred door. Surprisingly, they destroy the skull quickly and begin reducing the zombies. By the time Nuala's team arrives on the other side with Theren in tiger form, most of the zombies are dead. Vincent meanwhile tries to force the door and breaks through to find five bugbears in a makeshift barracks. Iados and Sir Conlan turn to face the bugbears with Vincent, Skamos faces the zombies with Delmar. Iados channels all his sorcery and gets a wild surge: a Fireball explodes from him! Channeled by the narrow tunnel, it rips through the party, seriously wounding almost everyone and killing most of the bugbears. Once the smoke clears, they charge in to finish the bugbears. Vincent uses Sleep on one and the other bugbear surrenders. The party takes the bugbears prisoner, then retreats to the store room again for serious healing and a long rest. They will question the bugbears for information…
After resting, the party tries to question the bugbears with Vincent and Iados taking the lead. They learn that the bugbears are lead by an elf, possibly a drow named Neznor and there are probably eight more bugbears. They are currently searching the mines beyond where these bugbears were captured. They leave the prisoners in the store room under guard by Delmar (Chris couldn't make it) and decide to finish searching this end of the mines. They return to the forge room and examine it, then move to a natural cavern containing a building built against the wall, the cavern ceiling is covered in minerals that sparkle in their light. The building appears made for humans, but the area is blackened by spells cast here. The door is warped and Mixtli and Vincent peek through. They see a monster; a floating orb with a large central eye and four smaller eyes on tentacles. There is a brazier with a green flame on a stone pedestal, the room has also been damaged by fiery spells. Mixtli casts and illusion of a dwarf warrior and Vincent uses another spell to throw his voice. He talks to the monster which seems to be confused by the illusion. They end up walking in while Valfir and Skamos come around to a side room to charge ion on the flank. The monster speaks to Mixtli and Vincent telepathically, he says he is the guardian of the forge. They talk with the creature and it becomes obvious that it knows nothing of what has happened outside this room or how long it has been since the mine was operated. Sir Conlan comes in and identifies himself and asks the monster if he understands he is a paladin of Tyr. the monster is familiar with Tyr, so Sir Conlan brings in Gundrin and explains that the mine was lost, but was recently rediscovered and Gundrin and his people are the new owners. The guardian accepts Sir Conlan's story and acknowledges Gundrin as the owner of the mines. With the monster's threat defused, they question it and search the room. The creature says the flame is the Spell Forge, and Valfir and others try sticking their weapons into the fire to see what happens, they do seem to pick up some enchantment. They also find a mace that appears to be for worshippers of the god Lathander and a breastplate with a dragon design. They ask the guardian to watch the items and he agrees. Heading to the next cave, they find another small building, inside is ash and dust and a chest. They approach the chest and a spirit appears, warning them off its treasures. Sir Conlan tries to talk the spirit into going to its rest, but it is an evil wraith and attacks them. Sir Conlan channels a Divine Smite through his sword and strikes it hard. The wraith claws at him with ghostly hands. Iados shoots a fire spell at it, Nuala hits it with a Chromatic Orb, Theren drops a Flaming Sphere on it and Vincent casts Dissonant Whisper. The wraith charges Vincent and the party surrounds it and destroys it. Searching the chest they find coins, gems and a platinum inlaid pipe. A handful of books survive, one of them has a map.
The party moves on and the next cavern is filled with fungus of various kinds, including giant puffballs that look about to burst. The party retreats but Mixtli has to see what happens and shoots a puffball with an arrow. It explodes, spewing a cloud of spores and Mixtli turns to run as it expands towards him. The party goes to examine what lays beyond the forge room and finds a cavern with water, waves crash against the walls making the sounds they have heard. Mixtli wants to explore the water, so Iados hands him a pebble with Light and Skamos and Sir Conlan hold a rope tied to the kobold. He swims around the pool but doesn't find anything and they haul him out.
They head back to the room where they captured the bugbears and head into what could be enemy territory. The find another cavern with more bugbears and a drow warrior. Two of the bugbears are digging in a depression in the cavern while the drow and another bugbear watch. The party attacks, Valfir tries to shove the drow into the 20 foot deep pit, but it nimbly doges him. The bugbears down below climb up to attack and Skamos casts Shatter into their group. Iados shoots Magic Missile
and swords, arrows and spells fly. When the enemies are slain, the drow reverts to its natural form, another doppelganger! The party begins to seriously wonder if there are truly any dark elves here or if they are all doppelgangers. Mixtli searches the rubble at the bottom of the pit and finds a dwarven skeleton wearing a pair of gauntlets that he takes.
The party moves deeper into the mines and finds a room with a drow wizard and more bugbears. It has a giant statue of a dwarf with emerald eyes and may be a temple or shrine. Vincent uses Change Self to look like a wounded bugbear and goes in the front way with Mixtli, Valfir and Iados backing him. The rest of the party prepares to enter through a side door. Vincent enters and the bugbears approach him. He hits them with Thunderwave, then Mixtli casts Sleep and knocks out one of the wounded bugbears. Iados uses his Thaumaturgy to open the side door for the rest of the party. Theren Shapeshifts into tiger form. Unfortunately, this drow wizard is the real deal and four giant spiders drop from the ceiling to help. The drow casts a Darkness spell on the side door, but Sir Conlan, Skamos and Nuala charge through. One of the spiders sprays webbing, closing the front door, but Iados burns it away. The party slays the spiders, bugbears and the drow and they wait for the drow to change shape, but he is a true drow. Searching the room, they find Gundrin's missing brother Nundrin. He is alive, but has been mistreated. They heal him to help him escape from the mines. With the drow wizard defeated and Nundro rescued, they gather the treasure they have found and prepare to return to Phandalin.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Lee "When we last left our intrepid band…"
Matt "There were more of us"

Discussing Chris' new character, and how dwarves sound Scottish, but his name sounds like a wrestler's
Matt <deep announcer's voice> "Dorf 'The Dwarf' Mahoney, barbarian wrestler"

Heading to the mines
JoAnne "The Mines of Moria"
Lee "These are not the Mines of Moria. These are worse…"

Michael's new character is a wood elf monk
Matt "Bald and pointy eared is not the way to go through life"

The party has a magic, dwarven battle axe
Jim "Does anyone use axe?"
Emily "Like the body spray?"
Jim "Nnnnooooo"

While gesturing, Lee slams the lid of his wood dice box closed with a thump
Jim "Case closed"
Emily "Is there a pun penalty? A punalty?"
Lee "If there is, you just earned it"

Listening to the strange sounds in the caves
Kevin "Do we hear drums?"
Jim "As long as its not banjos…"

The barbarian goes into rage
Matt "Fear the beard"

The party is confronted by a hovering skull, lit by green flame
Matt "The flying skull of scariness"

Matt "I cast Dissonant Whisper"
Lee "Isn't that a Wham! song? No, Careless Whisper"

The skull retreats
Matt "I'm also the skull whisperer"

After being hit by Fireball, the wounded gather around Kevin's cleric for a Prayer of Healing spell. Kevin rolls 2 1's on 2d8
Jim "Worst. Healer. EVER!"

Matt goes to break down a door and does it easily with a natural 20. On the other side is a room with 5 bugbears
Matt <strikes a flamboyant pose> "What a bitch door. Oh, you're a big fellow; I don't like the looks of you!"

Emily has been trying all night to trigger a wild magic surge. She succeeds and gets Fireball, 8d6 worth, and incinerates 3/4 of the party and most of the bugbears too
Jim, after the game "Emily puts the 'friendly' and 'fire' into 'friendly fire' "

Discussing Iados interrogating the bugbears
Raleigh "Are you the good cop or bad cop?"
Emily "I'm the fabulous cop"

Iados has a penchant for fire magic
Emily "I'm kind of a burninator"

The bard tries to persuade the bugbears to talk
Matt "I will now begin my filibuster until you talk"
Raleigh "This phone book contains a list of names of people who want you to talk…"

The villain may be a drow
Emily "So he's a dark elf"
Lee "He's a delf"

Lee, as a bugbear "He's moving slowly, he's a wise leader"
Raleigh "He's probably constipated"

The party rolls well for stealth to approach a door
Lee "The door has no idea you're coming"

About the half devil tiefling
Jim "Every time you fart, a devil gets its horns"

Listening to a description of the mines
Emily "Its like an abandoned mall"
JoAnne "We did find the food court"

Emily "Mundane Pain sounds like a band name"
Raleigh "Its a Depeche Mode cover band"

The party attacks the wraith, Matt uses Dissonant Whisper again, JoAnne got in the killing blow
JoAnne (Jeff Dunham's Achmed puppet voice) "I keelled it!"
Matt "I was going to taunt him a second time"

The party finds a map in one of the books
Jim "I solemnly swear I am up to no good"

Lee draws a room with contour lines showing a depression
Kevin "What is that, a sarlacc mouth?"

Raleigh rolls a 24 for stealth
Raleigh "I'm on fire!"
Matt, pointing at Emily "She set you on fire"

Michael's monk tries to shove the drow off a cliff, the drow rolls a natural 20 to dodge
Jim "You reach out to shove the drow, instead you caress its back and make him feel uncomfortable"

Kevin "What does a doppelganger look like?"
Raleigh "Looks like a cross between a grey alien and Voldemort"

Raleigh drops the drow wizard and we expect him to turn into a doppelganger
Raleigh "He's not dead yet, keep shooting"