Waterdeep and Old Gnawbone

The party is preparing to leave Goldenfields and deciding where to go next. They turn down some requests (ie, side quests) and decide to go to to Waterdeep as planned. They travel back to Waterdeep and Sir Conlan finds an inn in the Trade Ward for them. Skamos takes his brother's body to the temple of Thor for his funeral, the rest of the party attends. The party breaks up to do some shopping, Alaric buys a batch of superior arrows, Talak gets a crossbow and bolts. Sir Conlan takes the necklace to House Thaan's business offices and is given two potions; Stone Giant Strength and Superior Healing. They also buy some wine. The next day most of the party goes to see the local dragon expert, Chazlauth. They discuss with him the giant problem in Goldenfields and their suggestion that an alliance with some dragons would be a help since dragons hate giants. There is a ruckus upstairs, which leads him to shouting at the ceiling. Erza and Valfir sneak upstairs and catch a baby silver dragon and some cats rampaging around playing chase. Chazlauth thinks the dragons will not help, since they don't like humans that much either. But he suggests they go talk to the green dragon 'Old Gnawbone', she is ancient and evil, but eccentric. She has a collection of crystal balls, maybe the party can barter for one to help discover what the giants are doing. He offers them some magical assistance, they decide they need to consult with Sir Conlan. The party returns to the inn and confers, they decide to go along. They return to see Chazlauth so they can finalize the deal, he gives them some more details about the dragon and gives them eight Potions of Poison Resistance so they can have a chance to survive her poisonous breath. Afterwards, Sir Conlan and Skamos visit the government offices of Waterdeep to deliver a report from Goldenfields about the attack. Sir Conlan pulls rank on the government house administrator and is sent directly into Lady Silverhand. She accepts the report with a minimum of interest and compensation to the party and they leave.
The next day the party heads up to road to Triboar, which is their next stop on their mission to deliver the letters from Nightstone. The dragon is supposed to live in the Kryptgarden forest near the town of Red Larch which is on the way to Triboar. Sometimes the group can stop at an inn, other nights they have to camp out with Alaric choosing the best camp sites. On the third night, Erza and Astrid spot a group of humanoids approaching out of the woods. Astrid casts Message spells to warn them away and they mill about in confusion. Sir Conlan wakes the rest of the party and sends Erza and Valfir around to the right to flank them. The strangers finally attack, throwing spears at them and hitting Astrid, Alaric and Sir Conlan. The party replies with crossbow and bow shots, Astrid casts Shatter and Skamos uses Sacred Flame. Once the numbers are knocked down, Valfir charges into melee and takes out a couple more, the last few break and run. While the wounded are healed, the bodies are checked; they are local barbarian raiders and have little of value, even their weapons are just simple spears and daggers. The party reaches West Bridge and stops at the inn, but the cost is higher than in Waterdeep. Vincent is sent to haggle with the innkeeper and he weaves this story about how the party is here to stop a giant invasion and the townspeople start to panic. Astrid decides to fan the panic and uses Suggestion to make the townspeople lie about giant sightings which just makes things worse. After much shouting and chaos, things are settled down and they get rooms for the night. They leave the next day and have to camp out on the way again.
Finally, the party arrives in Red Larch, where they plan to buy some cattle to offer to the dragon. The local inn is run by a halfling who sells paintings and wood carvings with distinct sexual themes. However, he is not a good artist and his work is poor. But he is chatty and outgoing and willing to talk about the town and stories of the dragon. Supposedly the dragon has been seen flying over the forest, but no one goes into the forest and no one has ever seen it up close. Also, the dragon has never raided any of the farms for food, so many people doubt it exists at all. Since the dragon doesn't raid for livestock, the party has doubts if the cattle bribe will work, but they stick with the plan. The next day they get some cows and leave their horses behind and walk into the forest. The forest has many small animals that scatter from their path, there are also some small fey, like pixies and such. While the party is trying to figure out if they can talk to any of the local creatures, Old Gnawbones herself comes out of nowhere. The very trees of the forest bend away from her path as her magic allows her to move quickly through the woods. Most of the party is paralyzed with fear by her appearance, Valfir ends up being the party spokesman. She turns down the offer of the cows and they are released to run away in a panic. Valfir offers her the black pearl necklace and four packets of pixie dust, she accepts their offering but is unwilling to part with any of her crystal balls. Instead she tells them to go to the Valley of Khedrin and seek the Eye of the All Father temple. Also, to look for a frost giant with a dragon skull helm, he may help them. Finally, she tells them to get out of her forest immediately or else… She leaves and the party flees for town. When they return to town, they break out the wine from House Thaan and celebrate their narrow escape.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Jim's note: this is but a tithe of all the chatter, Matt and Chmiel sat next to each other and kept up the off-color commentary all night…

Lee refers to the dragon expert as a dragon whisperer
Matt "I am the Dragon Whisperer; there can be only one"
Jim "You can challenge him to a rap battle"
Chmiel "Epic Rap Battles of History"

Talking about acolyte Zi Liang
Lee "Since she's being all monkly, well, clericly"

The party turns down a side quest from someone who might be a thief, he says he represents a group of "like minded businessmen"
Kevin "Amway is really good"

Discussing the funeral plans for Iados
Lee "You can make it open bar and these guys <points at Matt, Chmiel and Michael> will show up"
Jim "That will be more than 60 gold"

The party gets a Potion of Superior Healing
Chmiel "Great, it only works on my boss"

Chmiel "I'm tempted to make a joke"
Jim "When has that ever stopped you?"

The group is making jokes about an S&M Build-A-Bear toy with handcuffs and a ball gag
Jim "Welcome to D&D After Dark"

Michael is deciding which enemy to attack
MC "The one with the smallest health bar floating above their head"

Lee is reading the town description for Red Larch
MC "Is this on the billboard?"
Lee "Its the sign on the exit"

The bard is negotiating for a discount
MC "Why don't you just show some tit?"
Matt "Because my tit is hairy. I may be half elf, but the other half is hairy"

Discussing the the town of Goldenfields was attacked by giants and their defensive walls are in poor repair
Matt "We're going to build a wall against the giants"
Lee "We're going to make Faerun great again"

Callum "I just drink and kill"
Kevin "And I'm all out of drinks"

The inn has poorly done paintings and wood carvings of sexual themes and acts made by the halfling owner
Jim "I feel this is the wrong place to ask to buy some livestock…"

Discussing food at the inn, sausage is the house specialty…
MC "Side pasta is testosteroni"

The party faces Old Gnawbone, they give her some gifts which she tucks away, someone asks where
Lee "She has a fanny pack made of elven skin"

The dragon gives them some clues and tells them to get out of her forest
Kevin "Nicest dragon I've seen today"