The Warehouse

(Based on the Classic Traveller adventure "The Warehouse" by Joe Fugate and Gary L. Thomas from Challenge magazine#30)

After rescuing Baron von Alksburg, the crew of the Beaumonde Pioneer heads to Persephone to deliver their cargo. With the pay from the rescue, they overhaul the ship and split up some of the reward money to do some shopping. After repairs are done, they find a cargo bound for Boros. But the primary power converter ruptures and the ship is left drifting without power. It takes two days for mechanic Don and Captain Rosdower to jury rig repairs and get the ship underway. She arrives at Boros safely and they unload cargo. Don gets a new power converter and installs it while the captain and Dr. Hawkin look for work. They get an offer from John Aramis, a local manager for Alliance Prospecting Services. He has a small cargo bound to Regina, if they take this cargo, he will see if he can get a better cargo for them when they return. The captain agrees and they load a cargo of supplies for a back country depot that supplies prospecting teams working in the hills. Its an uneventful trip across the Georgia system and the ship lands in the late afternoon, local time. The outpost is almost deserted, there's an office, repair garage, barracks, general store and a huge hangar/warehouse left over from the terraforming teams. A local emerges from the office and chats with them and invites them inside for cold beers while he gets the manager, but inside the crew is ambushed by four men in body armor with assault weapons and taken prisoner. A group of pirates has seized the town. The crew is handcuffed and searched and taken into the hangar. Inside the hanger is a Jo Lynn class freighter converted to a gunboat, her pulse drive has been disabled by a hit on her engineering section. The crew is imprisoned in an empty cabin, but Dr. Hawkin is taken to examine two injured members of the pirates' crew. One is wounded, but in no danger of dying, but the other is more seriously hurt. Dr. Hawkin asks for Gunsmoke to be brought up as an assistant and the guard handcuffs him to the bed and goes to get Gunsmoke from their temporary cell. While the guard is gone, Hawkin conceals a laser scalpel and a regular scalpel in his clothes. When the guard returns, they perform surgery on the two injured mechanics and are then taken back to their prison. Hawkin gives Don the laser scalpel and he works to cut open the access plate to the door controls, but damages the system. He is able to hot wire it enough to open the door. Don charges the guard and grapples with him, Gunsmoke runs up and grabs the pistol from his hand. Hawkin steps in with the laser scalpel and cuts his throat and the guard bleeds out and dies. They grab his weapons and search the ship and grab some more guns from the pirates' quarters and decide to take the bridge. But on the bridge, the controls are locked and no one is aboard. Looking out the bridge windows, they see one of the pirates using a cargo loader to carry containers aboard the crew's ship. An improvised gun truck is parked in the warehouse. Since it is now night, they decide to ambush the pirates and retake the ship. Don and Gunsmoke hide in the gun truck and kill the pirate driving the cargo loader with a burst from the cannon. Captain Rosdower and Dr. Hawkin go to the office building and free the townspeople and get guns from the jail. Don drives the gun truck over to pick them up and they drive aboard the Firefly. One pirate is coming down the stairs in the cargo bay and trades shots with them. The captain throws a stun grenade at the same time the pirate throws a frag grenade. The pirate is knocked out, but one of the townspeople is killed by the frag grenade. Don and Gunsmoke take one of the locals to seize the engine room and keep the ship from lifting off. Rosdower and Hawkin lead the other townspeople to take the bridge. The pirate captain and pilot are waiting and they trade shots down the length of the crew hallway. Hawkin charges up the hallway to get closer and incapacitates the pirate pilot with a shotgun blast, but falls into his cabin and sprains an ankle. The captain and one of the townsfolk shoot the pirate captain and take them prisoner. After taking care of his ankle, the doctor tends to the wounded and they take the surviving pirates prisoner. They gather up all the pirates' weapons and stow them in their ship.
With the situation under control, they call the Feds. A police shuttle flies out to the mining camp and takes control. Alliance Prospecting Services asks them to fly the cargo seized by the pirates into town. Once everything is checked, the crew is paid a bounty on the pirates and a reward for saving the local personnel, APS overlooks the damage done to the cargo loader. The Feds take the cannon off the truck, but the crew is allowed to keep the truck itself.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
The crew has a cargo to Regina
Michael "We're going to one of those desert planets"
Lee "Tatooine?"

The crew is ambushed
Lee "I knew I should have searched for traps"

The players are trying to decide what to do, and Lee is a little uncertain
Lee "Normally at this point, Emily has killed everyone"

Lee's doctor character is asking for someone to be his surgical assistant
Callum "I volunteer as tribute!"

Lee's character whispers to the rest of the crew that he stole a laser scalpel, and Michael's character is hard of hearing
Michael "YOU STOLE WHAT??"
Chris "You had to be that guy"