The most desolate and remote region of Cerilia is called Vosgaard. It lies in the north-eastern reaches of the land, beyond the Drachenaur Mountains and north of the Rhuannadaraight. The cold waters of the Leviathan's Reach form the northern border of Vosgaard, and to the east lie the stormy waters of the Sea of Dragons.
Vosgaard is a land of stark natural beauty, with impassable mountains and glaciers, vast belts of northern taiga, and bitter wind-swept plains. Much like the Rjurik lands, Vosgaard suffers from extremely cold winters and is haunted by monsters of all varieties. Life is difficult and violent in the lands of the Vos. Consequently, they are a fierce people who believe that might makes right.
The other human races of Cerilia are inclined to view the Vos as evil barbarians, savages, and marauders, but this isn't an entirely truthful assessment. The Vos, once followers of Vorynn who were corrupted by Azrai, have their cities and kingdoms, and there are heroes of noble bearing among them. It's important to remember that by their own standards Vos warriors are acting with honor when they raid and pillage the lands of the Brecht or the Khinasi. And while no one will ever accuse a Vos berserker of subterfuge or subtlety, it's also true that a person always knows where he stands with a Vos warrior.
The code of courage and violent tendencies of Vos warriors and rulers have made north-eastern Cerilia a battlefield for the settling of their differences and feuds. The Vos hold "weaker" cultures in contempt and view the other peoples of Cerilia as potential slaves or enemies, but they absolutely hate each other. Travelers in Vosgaard should go to great lengths to avoid associating themselves with any particular chieftain or baronet — it's dangerous to take sides, even by placing oneself under a chieftain's protection.

Map of Vosgaard

The Feral Lands

Untamed and largely unsettled, the Feral Lands of Vosgaard will be conquered only through extensive adventures and heroic endeavors. These lands harbor creatures and dangers that naturally oppose settlement. The Feral lands are dominated by the vast Grovnekevic Forest which provides some respite from the chill winds.
Battle Fens
Tuar Annwn
Torova Temylatin

The Orlenaskyy Uplands

The Orlenaskyy Uplands are amongst the coldest of the Vos lands, and made only harsher by the Orlenaskyy mountains for which they are named.
Sword Rust Tribes

The Western Reach

The mountains of the Western Reach protect the Great Bay in the songs of Brecht bards, but the Vos have long raided through them nonetheless. Three human and one gnoll realms are found here, alongside many lands that are feral.
Gnoll Fells

The Dragon Coast

The Dragon Coast is a mountainous land of deep cold water and treacherous currents.
Ust Atka

The Great Steppe

The Great Steppe is the most hospitable part of Vosgaard. Several of the southern realms show Khinasi influence but the locals are no softer for it, rather many are infamous for their raiding ways.
Kal Kalathor
Cwmb Bheinn