Verella Interlude

The party arrives in Verella, capital of Tsaia and the last stop on the Great Northern Trade Road from Opal. Cyrus needs training and seeks out the Adept's guild and meets halfling Master Adept Lilan Dembri (JoAnne's old PC) who tests him and takes him through a Teleport Portal to Adepts' secret school. He trains there and learns the science of Disintegration. Jozan goes to the local Church of Tyr for information on the Forgotten King (Seek the Oracle). None of the local priests have heard the term. Going to the sanctuary to pray, he meets the paladin Kiriana. She suggests checking the archives. The next day they meet and search, without success. Kiriana also goes to the High Lord's church and checks their archives as well. Jozan and Kiriana meet for dinner a few times during his stay. Antonio spends most of his free time partying, but he does make a few visits to church as well. Ulayoth visits the local mages' guilds and buys a copy of Feather Fall and stocks up on material components. He also buys a pack mule to carry extra supplies.
Their stay in Verella comes to an end and they head to the North gate to leave town and continue on to Skelleth. Kiriana is waiting for them at the gate. She says she woke up this morning with Tyr's call, it brought her here to meet them, so she is going to accompany them.