Venus Concerto Foxtrot

Ex-Cop: "Duke",as in "the Duke abides". Played by Konrad
Ex-Prizefighter: Quincy "The Brick" Malone. Played by Matt
Ex- Soldier: "Boomer". Played by Michael
Ex- Space Racer "Dirty Dan". Played by Ryan

The cowboys are on Venus, looking to spend some of their bounty money. Duke spends a ton of woolongs buying furnishings for their ship, the Capriccio Vivace. Duke is all about hedonism and gets a new crew lounge, wet bar, big screen TV and a bathroom remodel. The rest of the team is more practical, looking for guns, body armor, communicators and other tools of their trade. Quincy's contact Don Kingsley invites them to dinner at an expensive restaurant on one of Venus' floating islands. Due to his Venus Syndrome allergy, Boomer has to wear a breath mask outside. They drive Dirty Dan's muscle car to a parking garage and get an air taxi to the floating island.
Boomer is stopped by the maitre'd since he is not wearing a dress jacket. Boomer opens his coat to show he has a pistol and tries to intimidate the maitre'd. The maitre'd opens his coat to show he has a bigger gun and Boomer backs down. Boomer is forced to rent a sports jacket. As they sit down, they notice the adjacent table is occupied by a rich young playboy type and his "escort", the booth on the other side has a group of corporate types in intense negotiations.
After drinks are served, Dirty Dan sees a group of obvious goon types approach and draw guns. He flips the table up as they open fire. The woman at the next table does the same. The cowboys have a shootout with the bad guys, aided by the woman who pulls a custom high velocity pistol from her purse. After the bad guys are down, she looks at them and says "Wow, you must have really pissed someone off." Dirty Dan and Quincy search two of the dead and come up with a heavy revolver, a submachine gun and their wallets, they decide to trade guns, Dan takes the revolver and Quincy gets the SMG.
They all decide to flee in her aircar, a convertible muscle car design with bench seats. They take off and spot another aircar following with more goons. This leads to an aerial chase and gun battle, they damage the pursuers' air car enough that the pilot crashes. The woman lands near a bazaar and asks them to wait. She comes back with a black wig to hide her red hair and a arabic woman's robe, plus some random hats and clothes to disguise the cowboys. They finally ask her name and she says "Claudia". The group decides to go back to the port and get in their ship and get off world. She flies them to the spaceport, but turns away at the last minute, she says she saw some more goons at the gates. The team remembers they need to get Dirty Dan's car, so they circle back for his car and she puts hers in long term parking. On the way back to port, she reloads her pistol and Boomer asks her about it. She says it was custom made for her on Mars. Duke looks through the wallets they snagged and decides the hitters were russian mafia.They drive to the ship crews' entrance and get stopped by the guard wanting to see their ID. She hands Dirty Dan a wad of cash and says "Well, hand the guard my ID." The guard takes the money, looks at it, then salutes and waves them through.
Once safely on the ship, Dan heads to the bridge, Quincy to the gym and Duke to the bar. Boomer finally gets a chance to make time with Claudia and invites her to his room to "see his guns". Once alone, she surprises him and decks him with a sucker punch; he's out cold. Duke is watching the news and sees a report on the bad guys' air car crash, the reporter says police are investigating if its linked to a shootout at a restaurant involving this woman. They show a picture of Claudia, then play a clip from an old episode of the bounty hunter show "Big Shot". "Claudia" is a retired assassin with a 1,000,000 woolong bounty!
Duke calls the crew, Boomer doesn't answer. They search the ship, wake up Boomer. Claudia is gone, she took his assault rifle, 3 magazines, a frag grenade, his communicator, helmet and 100,000 woolongs cash. They decide to lift off for safety, then take a shuttle back down. They check out her car in the parking garage, she left them an envelope addressed "Hello Boys!" under the windshield wiper. Inside is a note, signed with a kiss, and one of her calling cards she used to leave on her victims.
Claudia is gone, maybe they'll meet her again some day. See you later, Cowboy…

Gamemaster Notes
When I sat down to write this I had a few thoughts. I wanted it to be on Venus, because the players hadn't been there yet, I wanted gangsters, since Venus is ruled by European mafias. And I didn't want it to be a bounty hunt where the player characters got paid because they had too much money already. I wrote the adventure in less than 4 hours Tuesday evening, on just one sheet of paper (both sides filled!). And for once, after I was done and put it down, I never looked back. No revisions, no changes, no changing my mind on the concept. JoAnne picked on me all week because I have a tendency to write an adventure for Saturday, decide to throw it out on Friday and start over, then pull the original back out and finish it Saturday morning. Granted, this was a short, three hour game, but it was tight, action packed and EXACTLY what I wanted.
And the title was a subtle clue. Concerto Foxtrot was a homage to Bebop session titles, but also "Charlie Foxtrot", military slang for "Cluster Fuck"

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Jim made a comment that all the LARPers at the other end of the hall seem to spend a lot of time standing in the hallway waiting for their turn
Matt "It's the womens' bathroom version of LARPing."

Matt "You can't drink the whole bar, you're not a fish."
Konrad "Blub, blub."

Ryan threw out a few "Space" jokes
"I'm drinking space scotch, it's spotch."
"Space flares?"
Michael and Konrad "Splares"

Ryan "I thought we were supposed to shoot them until they're dead."

Konrad, at the beginning of the aircar chase "Shotgun!" I gave a chip to him for saying it first.

Michael's character was wearing a breathing mask "I look at him and say (puts his hand over his mouth) "Grrr, brrm, gah!"

Rolling initiative
Ryan "13"
Michael "13!"
Konrad "14!!"
Matt "15! Suck it!!"

Jim "You brought that <a two shot derringer> and didn't bring any reloads?"
Matt "This is my casual dinner gun."

Matt "You're always making fun of me because I'm from Earth."
Konrad "I'm not making fun of you, that's <being from Earth> like having a disability; I would never make fun of someone with a disability."

Konrad "Don't eat the mushrooms."
Jim "I thought they were bob-bons."
Matt "Meow"
Jim "How did you get 'meow' from bon-bons?!"

Michael is talking about putting the moves on the hot female NPC
Ryan "He might have really good 'persuasion'."
Konrad "Or really good chloroform."

Michael is still talking about getting down with the NPC, using military slang as euphemisms for sex
Konrad "That's what you call it? No wonder you don't get laid."

Matt rolls "3" on a d8 + d6 three times in a row rolling for Perception

Dirty Dan finds an envelope left behind by the female NPC
Ryan "I tear the end off and hold my breath."
Matt "Meanwhile, she's watching you through a sniper rifle scope saying 'That's not going to help you'."