Venator class Corvette

Osiran Venator class Corvette
The Venator corvette was a pre-Unification design used by the Osiran Space Force. They were meant as a long duration, deep space patrol vessel and while they saw widespread use and were even built under license by other worlds, they were expensive and had many detractors. The chief complaint against the class was that for a ship intended for long patrols, their crew quarters were undersized. Many Venator captains made a point of laying over at skyplexes whenever possible for crew morale. The other complaint was that the ship had no shuttles or other subordinate craft. When carrying out boarding missions, her troops had to either spacewalk across to the suspect vessel or the corvette had to physically dock with it. At least one ship was lost due to a counter-attack by a captured crew who took advantage of this design fault.

However, the class was fast, well armed and armored and had an impressive patrol range and maximum speed. After the war, the Venators were scrapped and replaced by the prewar Bu Shao class patrol boat and the new Frigate class patrol ship, which is the current Alliance standard. Critics charge that the Bu Shao swings the design pendulum too far the other way, as the Bu Shao is half the size and has two shuttles and two ASREVs as well.

Venator Class Patrol Corvette
Dimensions: 400 ft long, 70 ft wide, 40 ft high
Tonnage: 10,000
Speed Class: 6 Full Burn: 10
Crew: 19
Fuel Capacity: 480tons (1,200 hours)
Cargo Capacity: 124.4 tons
Passenger Capacity: 40 (Marines)
Armor: 2W
Price: 2.02 million credits
Agi:d6 Str:d6 Vit:d8 Ale:d8 Int:d6 Wil:d8
Init: d6+d8 Life: 14
Perception:d4 Pilot:d4 Heavy Weapons:d4
Fast Throttle (M), Branded (M)
Complexity: High (42)
Maintenance cost: 32,000 cr. per year

Gear: 8 10 man lifeboats

Weapons: 2 1 ton missile launchers, 2 1/4 ton missile launchers, 1 Heavy Railgun (d10), 2 Light Railguns (d12 Vehicle)

Ammunition: 50 medium railgun rounds, 200 light railgun rounds, 43 tons of missiles [40 1 ton medium range medium ship-killer missiles (d8), 12 1/4 ton short range decoy missiles (d6)]