Varis Sparkfall

Played by Kevin.

Varis comes from a large family who lived in a small Firbolg community in a very remote forest. They were caretakers of the forest. Unlike almost all Firbolgs, Varis did not feel fulfilled by his role and set out on his own to find adventure and see what else the world offered.

He is open to new experience and has spent the last 30 years seeking out adventure and traveling with similar adventure seekers. While much more street smart than most Firbolgs, Varis does tend to assume the best in people which occasionally leads him into trouble.

His adventures eventually lead Varis to Waterdeep some time over the last year and, after helping some street urchins avoid a beating at the hand of Xanathar guild enforcers, was approached to join the Grey Hands. He's been doing odd quests for Vajra Safarh, Blackstaff of Waterdeep, and she has just approached him with a request to join a party being sent to Icewind Dale to investigate rumours of strange events there.