Varek Quade

Played by Kevin

Physical Description
Human Mandalorian. Look for the guy with helmet-hair.

Varek was second in command on the Shriek Hawk, a transport ship that was working with the Death Watch. They were given a mission to strike a settlement of civilians. The captain, Varek and a few of the crew members had second thoughts about attacking civilians. Many of the crew did not think that the captain was loyal enough so they mutinied and locked him up. Varek and the crew loyal to the captain fought back until one mutineer was left. He slit the captains throat just before Varek shot and killed him. This left only two crew members alive were Varek and Kal Ordo, the ship's engineer. Varek offered to take Kal with him, but Kal preferred to put this all behind him and asked to be dropped off at the nearest safe port.

Varek knew there had to a better way to help Mandalore free itself from the grasp of the Empire. He took the Shriek Hawk and went in search of a crew that would help him make ends meet while he could come up with a plan.


Free Mandolore from the Empire.

A Quote
"Make Mandalore great again"



Freighter Captain- Sullustan Male Zom Kaansoo- Zom is just another tramp freighter captain, trying to make a living under the Empire. He is actually a Rebel sympathizer and carries supplies and agents when he can. He also tracks Imperial ship movements for reporting.

Smuggler- Rodian male Thask Mai- Thask is based on Torve and works for crime lord Soach. He knows some good routes and drop points across the sector.

Customs Officer- Human male Hugo Anden- Hugo works at the busy trade world of Genesia, which is known for its corrupt government. For the right bribe, just about anything can be shipped through here without any complications.