Vampire Citadel

Players and Characters
Lee- Human Cleric of Tyr, Lothar
Callum-Half-elf Ranger, Alar
Michael- Human Mage, Tane

The party comes to a town that has been attacked by ogres. Several of the town's young adults were carried off by the ogres and the party goes in search of them. The trail leads them to an abandoned citadel by a lake, Alar finds that the ogres joined a group of humans on horses and travelled together. The tracks lead to an old citadel on a hill by the lake. Tane uses his wand to cast Fly on the party and they approach the castle. In the tower are a group of humans, Lothar casts Holy Smite then they come in the window to finish them off. They go downstairs, then down into a cellar. In one room they find some of the missing townspeople, in another room, a vampire's coffin. Before they can go any further, some ogres attack. They Petrify one and kill another, then Tane uses Polymorph Self and goes outside pretending to be an ogre. They try to fight the ogres in the courtyard, but the vampire shows up and paralyzes Alar. Lothar and Tane fight the ogres and vampire, but are slowly losing. Alar shakes off the paralysis in time to kill the vampire with a volley of arrows. They loot the castle and find a treasure map and help the townspeople return home.
(GM's note- this was a shortened version of an adventure I had run previously)

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Callum rolls a natural 20 to break a door lock
Lee "You slay the door"

The party finds the vampire's empty coffin
Michael "I cast…"
Jim "Everything on my list?"

Lee "I'm immune to fear anyway because I'm awesome"

Discussing the risks of casting the Polymorph Other spell on friends
Lee "Important safety tip, thanks Egon"
Callum "So we would act like we're on bath salts?"

Lee "Let's consult the Book of Tyr. Chapter one; kill them all. Chapter two; kill them all. Chapter three, kill them all and give glory to Tyr. Chapter 4; eat a good meal before battle."