Vampires in my game are heavily influenced by vampires from the Dresden Files and Blade. They cannot fly or change into mist or bats. They do not need to sleep in coffins or their ancestral earth. They cannot pass thresholds into homes without being invited, and garlic and symbols of faith repel them. Silver or holy items do aggravated damage to them, as does sunlight. Vampire fangs inject a narcotic venom which paralyzes their victim with euphoria. A victim turns by being blood drained and then being fed vampire's blood or by attacking and killing a victim and draining their blood.
Old and powerful vampires can withstand sunlight and may not be turned by symbols of faith (opposed Willpower rolls). Becoming a vampire gives a person a 3 step bonus to Strength, Vitality and Agility. Wounds from normal weapons are treated as Stun, Stun is ignored. Some can regenerate quickly, especially if they can drain a victim.
There are different ways vampires can be created and their powers may vary. In the Hellboy comics, one character drowned in a river, and was brought back to life as a vampire after a three day blood ritual to Hecate. That vampire was mortally wounded several times but was healed at Hecate's temple. Once he was even decapitated and burned down to his skeleton and still brought back.