Valley Of Betrayal

Michael- Human Tyr Cleric Gyles
Mike- Elf Fighter Negral
Lee- Human Bard Jables
Callum- Half-Elf Ranger KG
Jake- Elf Ranger Alan
Andrew- Human Paladin Sir Hugo "The Meathammer"

The party arrives at a town, hoping to get some rest and sleep in an inn. But the town is packed with refugees. They talk to the locals and the town guard and find out that the high priestess of the temple of Torre in the next town has turned to evil. (Drow and giant spiders attacked the village and drove the people away. The party mounts up and heads to the village and are attacked by Myrlochar spider demons. They kill the demons and make camp in the villages abandoned inn for the night. Jables goes into the woods and finds a squirrel's nest and uses Speak with Animals to wake the squirrels up. They says they saw dark elves and giant spiders attack the village.
In the morning, they approach the temple, which is underground in the hillside. Jables approaches the open doors and is struck by a poison dart and passes out. An invisible creature starts dragging him inside and the party attacks. The creatures counter attack and lose the cover of their Invisibility spells. The monsters are half-drow/half-spider (driders). The party kills one and the other flees inside. They wake up Jables and pursue. Inside they find a small shrine to Torre with wall murals of her works. They have been defaced with blood, feces and spider webs. Jables steps forward to burn the webs off the statue and arrows and spells strike from the side rooms. More spider/drow, but two are wizards and two are priests of Lolth! Mass chaos erupts, Hugo, KG, Gyles and Negral charge the ones on the left, Alan and Jables are left to fight the other two. The monsters inflict serious wounds, but the adventurers survive, heal up and press on. The temple turns to a series of circular burial chambers with wall tombs of past priests. In one room there are two ghouls who have torn open tombs and are eating the dead. The ghouls are destroyed and the party comes to the temple itself. A large hall with statues of former famous priests is empty, but there is light coming under a door to the right. Jables begins a charming song and the door opens. Two male drow fighter/mages and a female priest attack, inside the room is a human priest of Lolth who is snared by the spell. More battle and the male drow slam the party with Magic Missile spells. Jables tries to control the human, but he breaks free and attacks with a black long sword. The adventurers kill the drow and the human uses a magic item to cast a Wraithform spell and he tries to run away as a ghost. Jables recharms the priest and has him sit down and relax and take off his armor and weapons. They tie him up and try to question him. The priest is angry and more than a bit of an ass, he shouts a Command spell "Defecate" at Jables and the bard looses bowel control and craps his pants. The bard cleans himself with a handkerchief and gags the cleric with the soiled cloth… He picks up the priest's black sword. Hugo feels it has some evil, but is not evil in and of itself.
There are two rooms left, another small side room and the main temple. They hold the priest with a crossbow to his head and force him to open the side door. As soon as its open, he runs inside. KG misses his crossbow shot and the priest pulls down his gag and shouts "Kill them!". Out of the room comes a banshee, the dead spirit of the former high priestess. The Lolth priest is trying to pull off his bindings so he can cast healing spells. Gyles turns the banshee and they recapture the priest. The room is the priestess' living quarters, her body is in the footlocker. Gyles uses a Bless spell to lay her to rest and the banshee vanishes. They find healing potions in her rooms and split them up and head for one last door, the main temple. They open the door to find a giant spider demon, twice the size of the Myrlochars. It charges them and they open fire, but only the arrows from Alan's fire bow wound it. They draw swords and attack, Jables uses the black sword without knowing what it does. Alan is bitten by the spider and paralyzed by its venom, Negral is hit and passes out. Gyles and Hugo hit the demon again and again, then Jables finishes it off. They withdraw to rest. Once the party is healed, they bury the former priestess and drag the drow and drider carcasses outside for burning. The spider demon is going to have to wait until they can get more help. They loot the drow and head back to town to let the villagers know their homes are safe.

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Splitting up the party, some to talk to the town guards, others to question the refugees at the inn
Lee "I'm on Team Tavern"

Andrew "You can't spell Lolth without LOL"

Lee "Bards are the only class with a weapon designed to kill them- the bardiche"

Andrew "You run into the room and play Justin Bieber and the monster will suicide"