Valder Ewanson

Valder's mother Armara is an elven mage and his father Ewan Andreson was a ranger. He grew up in a Moon elf community in the High Forest and earned a reputation early as someone who was always there to help and true to his word. He did not have the aptitude for magic that his mother did, but he was a decent woodsman and hunter. He considered becoming a ranger, but was very good at persuasion and calming people and he was apprenticed to the town constable as a deputy and also a game warden watching for poachers, both human or goblinoid.
It was while serving as a game warden that his life changed. He encountered the tracks of a large group, mounted on warhorses moving deep into the forest. He returned to town and sounded the alert and joined the patrol led by his father to investigate. The intruders' path took them into a deep and unfamiliar section of the woods and Ewan said they were headed towards a portal to the Feywild. But they ran into the intruders, fleeing headlong through the forest. Ewan called upon them to stop and yield and one of the intruders killed him with a bolt of dark magic. The rest of the intruders fell upon the patrol and slew them, Valder was thrown aside by the shockwave of a thundering spell and lost consciousness. He came to and found the bodies of his father and their comrades. While he mourned over his father, a glowing sphere of light drifted over them and asked Valder if he would swear an oath of obedience in return for the power to seek vengeance. Overcome with grief, Valder agreed without considering the personal consequences. The globe changed into an armored elf of ethereal beauty who drew his sword and ordered Valder to kneel before him. Valder complied and the being swore him as a liege man to himself, Elrokul, Knight of the Seelie Court. When the oath was complete, Elrokul poked Valder in the chest over his heart with his sword and left behind a tattoo of a green leaf. He healed Valder and commanded him to accompany him. They walked into the woods without a word and Elrokul took him through the portal into the realm of the fey. Valder lived in a small cabin in the woods for three months while Elrokul taught him magic. Any complaints about the time were brushed off or turned aside with the comment "You swore an oath, you must obey". When Valder's training was done, Elrokul escorted him back to the portal and ordered him to seek those who trespassed on the fey realm and killed his father. Valder headed through the woods to home, but realized something was wrong. The woods were still warm and green, three months had passed, the leaves should have turned. When he reached the ambush site, he found another ranger patrol was just recovering the bodies and asked what had happened. It was the same day, only three hours had passed while Valder spent a season with Elrokul! The others were skeptical, but Valder showed them the tattoo and demonstrated his magic. They gathered the bodies and returned to town for mourning. Armara was grief stricken for the loss of her husband and the oath Valder had sworn, but there was no going back. His only clues were a dagger and a coin pouch on the belt one of the patrol tore from his killer, the coins were marked with the glyph for the city mint of Waterdeep

Valder is just below average human height, with a slender, wiry build. His normally pale skin is fairly tanned and weathered from his outdoors life and contrasts with blond hair and the blue eyes of his elven heritage. In bright light, a few gold flecks show in his irises. He has shoulder length hair he usually keeps in a warrior's braid and a short beard.

Personality Traits
I judge people by their actions, not their words.

Sincerity- no good in pretending to be what I'm not.

I protect those who cannot protect themselves.

I made a bargain for power without realizing the consequences to my personal freedom.

In Person
Valder is still relatively young, just out of his teens. While he is experienced in his native area, he does not have much time outside of his native land and may come across as a little naive.

Dreams/Visions from Elrokul

You see a robed and hooded figure in a well appointed chamber studying a map of a forest spread upon a table. The figure gestures to a symbol of a golden doorway on the map with his left arm and you notice that the sleeve of his robe is empty. You look again to the map and it appears to be a map of the region you grew up in. You look back to the figure and there are now multiple, identical figures filling the room…

The party succeeded in entering the Kolat Towers, and confronting and killing the evil wizard Manshoon. Valder gave up his share of the inn to the rest of the party and retired to his homelands, revenge quest fulfilled.