Urban Predators

The party arrives in the town of Eldridge and decides to lay over for supplies and get some equipment made. Roskva goes on a shopping spree and buys up a bunch of supplies for a fortune teller's tent. Wittr commissions a quality scimitar, Clare buys some good arrows. A few days after arriving, they wake up to find the tavern in an uproar. A guardsman was found dead with his blood drained and bite marks in his neck, his partner is missing. The town is gripped by vampire fear. The party splits up to investigate, questioning the townspeople, the churches and Desdamona talks to the Thieves' Guild and finds out other people have disappeared, beggars and poor people and such over the last week or so. Wylie scouts the town and finds a park in the Poor Quarter where the plants look sickly, its a possible sign of a vampire lair. Since it is near where the attacks took place, the party decides to use Desdamona as bait in a trap, she will walk through the area at night, surrounded by the party under Invisibility spells. They set their trap and are attacked, but by two werewolves! Desdamona attacks with Hatred's Bite Clare and Iria open fire with arrows, but they do no damage. Iria draws Serpentbane and Clare throws a flask of oil. Roskva uses her Ice Staff but misses, Dastan casts Vicious Mockery on a werewolf, Wittr casts Flame Blade and attacks the other. Wylie pulls a werewolf away from Desdamona with a Thorn Whip spell, then attacks it with her elven dagger. They kill one werewolf, but the other escapes, badly wounded.
The party takes a breather to heal their wounds, then sets off in pursuit of the werewolf. They track it to a sewer entrance and follow it into the sewers and catacombs under the city. Following its tracks they come to a pair of landings in a storm drain. On one side is a pile of gnawed bones and part of a corpse, the other side has a door. Roskva eases it open and is struck by a crossbow bolt from a trap. They move forward more carefully and encounter the werewolf in human form. He shifts back into wolf form and attacks. Clare grapples the werewolf and holds him and Dastan Charms him into submission, then uses Suggestion to get him to tell them what is going on. While they are questioning the werewolf, the next door opens and a pair of vampire spawn attack. One savages Clare with its claws and almost bites her neck. Desdamona distracts the spawn on Clare and Clare stakes it through the back with an arrow shaft, paralyzing it. The party piles on the other spawn and beats it down. The two spawn are then beheaded to prevent them from raising. But now they must deal with the vampire himself. At Dastan's suggestion, they move back to the sewer to place the running water between them and the vampire. Wylie sends her owl with a message to call for help from the church. But the vampire has gone out a back door and comes in behind them, trapping them. The party tries jumping over the water to fight from the other side or in the water. Dastan gets a rope on the vampire and Iria helps him pull the vampire into the water. Wittr, Roskva and Desdemona attack the vampire while it is weakened by the water and kill it. Reinforcements of High Lord followers arrive and help destroy the vampire and heal the party. They search the vampire's lair and recover its treasure. The werewolf is turned over to the town guards.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Discussing vampire mythology
MC "Can I roll my Sam and Dean Supernatural knowledge?"

Chmiel "It's trickle down economics; as the blood trickles down…"

Mike "When there's something strange in the neighborhood"

Matt "We can stage a stake out…"

Matt "NPC stands for No Party Cares"

Matt casts Vicious Mockery on a werewolf
Matt "Your mother was a poodle and you smell of kibble!"

Matt "We must be on a subway; we're getting railroaded underground"

Clare grapples with the werewolf
Jim "Grab it by the scruff of the neck"

MC "I think that's why Latin is a dead language"
Jim "Because of werewolves?"

The werewolf botches his saving throw versus the bard's Suggestion
MC <drag queen voice> "Oh my God, you're gorgeous. I could just chew you into little bits"

Kimi was doodling on the map towards the end of the night