Upcoming Local Game Conventions
Convention Location Dates Website Comments
Running GAGG SUNY Geneseo 1/27-1/29 https://www.geneseo.edu/gagg/runninggagg A major convention with an amazing variety, just not convenient
Rudicon RIT Rochester February? http://ritrudicon.blogspot.com/ Use to be huge, now not so much
CRAGGnarok Buffalo State March 12 https://www.bengalconnect.com/organization/CRAGG
UBCon 38 UB North 4/28-4/30 https://www.facebook.com/UBCon/?fref=ts One of the largest gaming conventions in Buffalo. Just not well organized
Simcon 39 U of R Rochester 3/31-4/2 http://sa.rochester.edu/simcon/blog/ Used to be big, haven't been in years
And Anime:
Convention Location Dates Website Comments
Anime Buffalo Buffalo February?
Tatsu-Con Buffalo Summer?
Toracon Rochester 4/22-4/23 https://toracon.org/