Under the Sea

(Sobekites are taken from the Dark Age of Camelot MMORPG)
After defeating the Warlord (Strike the Head), the party returned to Gotorget. Over the next couple of weeks, reports from the front show enemy forces being routed and territory being retaken as fast as the troops can advance. Marshall dy Yarrin decides its time to begin thinking about the post war government and heads to the capital at Cardegoss, with his staff, two companies of picked troops and the party.
Arriving in Cardegoss, the party is housed in guest rooms in the palace. Dy Yarrin keeps them informed, he is summoning the provincars to council, but it will be some time for them to assemble. A few days later, a messenger arrives from the the Seafarer's Guild, they are asking for help, a number of lives are in mortal danger. The party is sent and meets with Captain Vargas. He explains that an associate's village was raided and his townspeople kidnapped for sacrifice to their enemies' dark god. He takes the party to the docks and his associate is a merman!!
Kayl the merman explains his village was attacked by their enemies, the sobekites, and taken for sacrifice. The party agrees to help and are given Potions of Polymorph that turns them into merpeople! Jozan is particularly uncomfortable about the whole thing. They have to leave most of their weapons and equipment behind and their armor; Jozan and Kiriana are given seashell armor instead. Kayl leads them underwater and they swim outside the bay to where he has a group of giant barracudas with harnesses, they ride the barracudas to Kayl's village.
At Kayl's village, Kayl introduces them to Blub (played by Christopher), a merman mage, he will guide them to the sobekites' lair. Along the way they are attacked by sharks. They find the lair, the entrance is guarded. They attack and defeat the guards and move inside. Following sounds, they come to a huge chamber, the merpeople prisoners are here with some sobekite guards and their "god", a giant kraken!
The party attacks with swords, spells and psionics. Fenric summons undersea monsters to aid them. The sobekites are slain, the kraken is sorely wounded and sprays them with a poisonous ink cloud before escaping. They rescue the prisoners, take them home, then return to Cardegoss. They take an antidote to the potion and regain their human forms. The grateful merpeople give them each a thousand gold pieces in pearls.

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Lots of Finding Nemo references, especially people chanting "Sharkbait, Sharkbait"
Jim to Konrad "For a priest, you have a serious alcohol hangup."
Jim to Chris, after his merman was floating paralyzed "A giant net comes down, scoops you up and drops you in the toilet."
JoAnne "PIRANHA Gun…"