Under The Pink Flumph

The morning after killing the doppelganger, the party gets together to plan what to do. They decide to shelve the doppelganger hunt for now. After discussing the various outstanding missions, they decide to go look for the young bronze dragon in the harbor. They go to the Dock Ward, hire a boat and sail around the harbor, looking for the dragon and discretely questioning its owner. They do spot the dragon circling a freighter coming into port and Tetsuo calls to it in Draconic. The dragon comes over and is friendly and chats with the party, saying it was looking for a new home and is interested by all the shipwrecks in the harbor. It's name is Zelfiran and he offers to show them around, so they take their Potiuons of Water Breathing and ride the dragon down to the sea floor. The dragon shows them the wreck it picked out and lets them have 50 gold pieces. They ask about the giant shark and Zelfiran says he has seen it, its about 30 feet long. They thank him for his information and return to the ship and head to shore. Valder goes to the Blackstaff's office and reports in about the dragon. He also asks about a woman moneychanger or lender who may be unwillingly working for the Zhentarim based on the riddle the Divination spell gave him. The Grey Hands' representative agrees to look into it and gives them another mission. One of their former members, Melune Wardragon, has been behaving oddly lately, please check up on him. He often hangs out at the Yawning Portal.
Fenriz goes to the sculptor and gets the unicorn effigy to use to open the vault. The party decides to search the Pink Flumph theatre. They arrive as the crowd from the afternoon performance is letting out. Tetsuo goes in and starts talking to the stage hands about getting a job and gathers a little information. Fenriz and Barakiel also start looking around, then say they are city building safety inspectors and Fenriz browbeats one of the staff with threats into getting a tour. Harker, Orie and Valder search the outside of the building and adjacent streets for entrances, Harker checks the building's perimeter with Detect Magic.
Inside, Fenriz and Barakiel discover a secret trapdoor in the floor of one of the dressing rooms. They summon the owner and Fenriz offers her a bribe to allow them to continue the search and asks more questions. It turns out there is a faerie dragon who has lived in the building for years, maybe it knows something. She calls for the dragon and it appears and Tetsuo questions it, getting a little information. The trap door is magically sealed, but the faerie dragon casts a spell to open it. A wooden ladder descends
to a passageway below. The party climbs down the ladder into the tunnels beneath the theatre.
The tunnel beneath the theatre leads to a pair of 20 foot double doors of adamantine with an inscription asking for the three keys. The party produces the gems, gazer eyestalk and unicorn statue, which then disappear and the doors retract into the walls. Beyond is a large hallway leading to a two story chamber with ten metal doors around the walls at the main level. The doors are decorated with dwarven warriors, but most seem to be false. Above, three crumbling bridges run from three openings on one side to three doors on the other. Barakiel Misty Steps up to the next level and drops a rope, the party climbs up and finds a hallway running down one side of the main chamber. The opposite wall is covered with a fresco of a dwarven god making dwarves on an anvil. Valder and Orie are mesmerized by a spell on the artwork and are only released when the fresco is damaged. Moving down the hall, there is a crack in the wall and a black pudding attacks them from within the wall. The party back pedals, attacking the monster with missile weapons and spells. The blob smashes Barakiel with an acid coated tentacle and knocks him out. The creature is on fire from various fire magic spells, Harker throws an oil flask on it. Once the creature is killed, Valder heals Barakiel. At the end of the hall, a set of stairs leads down to the level of the main chamber's floor and goes up to the real doors. At the other end is a secret door and behind that is a dusty room with copper urns of treasure, copper, silver and gold coins, gemstones, gold rings, a magic ring and a silver statuette with amethyst eyes of the dwarven god Moradin. the party explores across the bridges, sometimes jumping gaps, sometimes waiting for Barakiel to rest so he can Misty Step again to set up ropes. One chamber has a dwarven statue and a trap door in the floor. But the door is false and fire rays from the statue's eyes scorch Barakiel when he tries to open the trap door. The next room has more frescoes of dwarven smiths at work and an anvil in the center of the room. The hammer one dwarf is holding in the painting is actually a real hammer inset into the wall. The last room has four suits of dwarven armor in the corners and a dwarven inscription which reads "A Secret never told will part Dumathoin's lips". Dumathoin is the dwarven god of secrets. Barakiel whispers a secret from his past to the wall and a trap door opens in the floor, more stairs going down…
The stairs spiral downward and end in a hallway that stretches left and right. Faint light comes around the corner at each end. Orie sneaks forward to look; its a huge chamber with pillars and blocks holding up the ceiling and large alcoves along the walls. One alcove across the way has a pile of gold! As they approach, an old dwarf carrying a staff shaped like red and gold dragons approaches and greets the party. He says he wasn't expecting guests and suggests they come back later. The party begins to talk with him, sure this is the dragon guardian in disguise. Fenriz spins a tale about how they were sent by Lord Neverember to recover some of the money that he needs now. With Renaer backing them up, they make progress convincing the dragon. But, Harker hears something coming down the steps and Barakiel goes Invisible to check. Its a group of bugbears with a gazer, a drow wizard and another floating monster. This one looks like a giant brain with a parrot's beak and a mass of tentacles. The dragon says the party should defend the vault while he watches them, obviously it's a test.
The party disperses into ambush positions with Tetsuo in the open as the bait in the trap. Tetsuo and Harker open fire and kill the gazer with arrows and crossbow bolts. The bugbears charge in and attack with javelins and morning stars. The drow casts Cloudkill, wounding several of the party and knocking Valder out. Barakiel heals Valder and he heals himself further. Fernriz dashes across the vault and out the other entrance, planning to come at the drow from behind. The drow casts Levitate and hovers in the air and casts a Lightning Bolt through the party. Tetsuo, Harker, Barakiel, and Renaer hold the line while Orie and Valder shoot spells and bolts at the drow and bugbears. Fenriz gets close enough and hits the drow with Witchbolt. After the drow and bugbears are killed, the grell attacks Tetsuo. Orie hits it with a Hail of Thorns, lightly wounding Tetsuo in the process. But the grell is slain and the dwarf applauds the adventurers. He gives them the gold and says he is looking forward to leaving; he has served as guardian for too long. The party notices him gathering up some gems, which he says are his, part of his pay. Harker spots him eating one, he IS a dragon. He teleports away, leaving the party alone in the vault with the dead and the gold. They search the bodies and see they have tattoos or brands marking them as members of Xanathar's guild.
Since the party can't haul away half a million in gold, they discuss what to do with it. They decide to turn it over to the city in hopes of a reward. Valder and Renaer go to the Blackstaff and tell her what happened. She sends a detachment of guards to help them watch the treasure. The party and guards secure the vault and the night passes. The next day, arrives with another woman, she is Laeral Silverhand, the current Open Lord of Waterdeep. As a reward for their recovery of the gold, the party is awarded 10% to share among themselves and Renaer, all of them are promoted to full members of Force Grey and their inn is given to them tax free. However, the news of the recovery of the gold is going to be spread, so the party gains much notoriety and fame. The Zhentarim ask Fenriz for a 5,000 gold donation. People with sob stories and investments besiege their inn, so Valder hires a scribe to record requests. Valder also receives a request from a woman claiming to be a moneylender, she is looking for a huge loan. He decides to meet with her to see if she is the one from the Divination spell prophecy. The group as a whole receives an invitation to dinner aboard one of the ships of the travelling festival's ships. The party heads out to spend their reward on magic items, buying up weapons, armor, potions and assorted items.

(This is the end of the main storyline of Waterdeep Dragon Heist, but many of the party still have personal quests to attend to in Waterdeep, so the campaign continues!)

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Fenriz picks up the unicorn sculpture
Chmiel "We're not going to walk around town with the unicorn"
Kevin "No, we should totally do that"
Chmiel "Oh, okay"

Tetsuo is questioning the halfling stagehands about their motivations and Lee is getting annoyed.
Lee "They did it for the nookie, the nookie, so you can take the cookie and shove it up your ass"

Lee hates having to come up with random NPC names, and he's already had to provide a bunch. The party comes to the hallway with the stars' dressing rooms
Mike "Are there names on the doors?"
Lee winces…

Michael is asking the Stone questions, Lee mimes shaking a Magic 8 Ball
Lee "Ask again later"

A cloud of darkness explodes out of a crack in the wall
Chmiel (?) "We fight it with happy campfire songs"
Lee "I pull Huey Lewis out of my Bag of Holding and harness the Power of Love"

Talking to the dragon-dwarf
Lee "You could be a bunch of petty thieves"
Jim “Petty? It's not like we're smuggling bobble headed geisha dolls"

The treasure pile is mostly coin, but a few gold pieces of art and such as well
Jim "We robbed Gringotts!"
Mike "And you know how well that worked out"

Bugbears, a drow, a gazer and a grell approach
Kevin "I'm tired of these floaty ball things; they're annoying"

Lee feels his villains always get killed before he uses their best attack, so he's going to lead off with a heavy attack
Lee "I'm going to blow my load"
MC “So glad we could excite you"
Mike "Why is the drow masturbating?"

Valder heals Orie for 10 hit points
MC "Ten points to Gryffindor"

The party gets a finder's fee for the gold, over 7,000gp each
Michael "I want hookers and magic weapons"