Team: Algren, Hector, Xander, Maccabees, Miyoshi, Mist, Morgan
Date: November 20th, 2012

The team is called together by Director Corrigan. She begins with a background explanation that the Tunguska Event of 1908 was not a natural occurrence, but caused by a ritual performed by the Heliotropic Brotherhood of Ra. They also may have caused the Great San Francisco Earthquake. In 2007, a possible impact crater was discovered and an object was detected at the bottom of the crater lake. In 2011 it was excavated, it proved to be a 1 meter cube of unknown black metal, covered in fractal ridges. It was taken to the Russian Academy of Sciences facility at Yurtusk for study.
Last night, the facility said they were under attack by strange monsters, then contact was lost. A squad of soldiers was sent and they entered the building, there was gunfire and shouts over their radios, then contact was lost again. This team is being sent to investigate and because of the distance, they will be transported by an C-20 jet, the team is given an hour to draw equipment from the armory and board the jet.
The team flies to Nome, Alaska for refuelling, then across to Yurtusk in Siberia. Crossing the border, they pick up an escort of Russian interceptors. They land at the airport and are driven to the facility in a snowcat by russian soldier Boris Yegevny.
The team enters the main building after Xander, Miyoshi, Mist and Maccabees bicker over who has point. They immediately find casualties, the squad of soldiers sent in first. They have been killed by massive bite wounds or what appear to be huge porcupine quills, but fired at bullet velocities. Their weapons have been fired, there is also a strange green blood on the walls and floor. As they begin to spread out to investigate, they are attacked by two creatures that look like demonic dogs with raptor's beaks instead of dog muzzles. Another comes down the hall, then two bipedal creatures with bird-like heads, they fire the quills from a hole in their beak. The team attacks with swords, holy warhammer and guns. Algren uses his chain hand to grapple and trip a dog. Miyoshi shapeshifts into dragon form to breathe fire on a dog, then when the second wave comes in, flies down the corridor to grapple one of the thorn shooters by wrapping around it like a snake.
Algren can feel an intense magnetic field in the area. He stops to try to triangulate and calculates it is below ground, ahead of them and to the left. They take a set of stairs down and come to the underground research lab, which is guarded by four more thorn shooting beasts. Xander is pissed off by Miyoshi's attitude and trips him during the combat. Miyoshi attacks Xander and Xander goes into Blood Rage and attacks back. Maccabees uses Telekinesis on Xander to immobilize him until his rage cools. Fortunately, the rest of the party can handle the monsters.
They enter the lab where the magnetic field is running. They see the cube, which is now glowing in fractal patterns, is at the center of a Stargate style rotating ring of electromagnets. The room is filled with heavy electrical equipment. The cube is projecting an energy cone that has opened a portal to another dimension. Inside the room are three huge creatures, they appear as six foot tall fleshy cones, with four tentacles. Three tentacles end in lobster claws, the last has a head with three red eyes and a group of fine tentacles. They are examining the equipment energizing the cube. Morgan and Hector recognize them as a barely known extra-dimensional alien species, they hate all other intelligent life, Hector remembers their weak point is the "armpit" under the tentacle root. Miyoshi passes out in shock at the sight of the creatures. The team attacks, trying to shoot or stab them in the vulnerable spot. Maccabees uses his hammer to conduct a bolt of electricity into one of them, the others are stabbed and shot. Algren examines the controls and figures out how to turn off the electromagnets and the portal closes as the cube loses power. The team finishes searching the buildings and finds no other creatures. The russian troops are called in for cleanup and the cube will be sent to BPRD for safe confinement.
Miyoshi has taken a severe mental shock, and now has the Leaky Brainpan (minor) complication.

Gamemaster's Notes
This adventure was inspired by the statement in the Hellboy Compendium that the Tunguska event was not natural. So I came up with the idea of the secret society responsible having pulled something to Earth. Then I found the Wikipedia article mentioned Lake Cheko may have been formed by a fragment of the meteor and that magnetic readings indicated a 1 meter metallic fragment under the lake bed. So that fragment became the cube, and it was a portal generator. I wanted to use some Cthulhu type monsters, so the big, intelligent cone creatures are based on the Great Race of Yith, but with a hostile mindset. Then I needed some lesser monsters. I decided to use Dreen devil dogs and thorn throwers from John Ringo's "Through the Looking Glass" series. My original thought was for zombies of the base personnel and soldiers, controlled by worms that burrow into their bodies and control their minds. But I decided to steal from a more obscure source since none of my players had read John Ringo's books.

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Emily Can we poke the darkness with bullets?"

Michael "You know what they say about big horns."

LOTS of bad Jawa jokes when they get to the snowcat transport.

Under attack by some kind of demon dogs
Christopher "You forgot some Meat Bones to throw to the dogs"
Konrad "Who let the dogs out?"
Matt "I have a confession; I let the dogs out."

Christopher "Can I do a called shot to stick it in the hole?"
Everyone pauses…
Emily "That's what she said."

Emily rolls a botch: "Fuuuccckkk mmeeee…"

Jim "My first draft had brain worm parasite controlled zombies."
Emily "I've seen 'Keeping up with the Kardashians'."

Jim after Michael has dropped the first big monster "He goes down, not dead but unconscious."
Michael taunts Konrad "Suck it."

Matt: "He's going to wear you like a meat suit when he's done ripping you apart."

Jerry "I'm just excited we have a demon pinata."
Emily "What comes out of a demon pinata?"
Matt "Orphans."

Emily "For a some reason, I just thought of Steampunk bukkake."

We played some Poo: the card game afterwards:
Matt "This is intense, it's like watching speed chess, but with poo."