Trident class Fast Transport

(GM's note: This is my concept of the base version of the ship used for the Aces & Eights on page 117 of the basic book. Again, can't anyone do math? It's almost exactly the same size as a Firefly but is listed as more than double the tonnage.

3000 tons
Speed Class 6 Hard burn 8
Str d6 Agi d6 Vit d6 Int d4 Ale d6 Wil d6
Pilot d4 Perception d4
Complexity: 34 Average
Fuel: 600 Hours at SC 6
Crew: 5 (Captain, Navigator, 3 Engineers)
Cargo: 1010
Passengers: 8
Gear: 20 ton shuttle, 2 5 person lifepods
Cost: 180,460 credits
Maintenance: 300 credits per month