Travel to the Icewind Dale

While the party is cleaning up from battling the aboleth, Halaster appears and tells them something odd is going on that some of the party may be able to help with. He waves his hand and Caeli, Tetsuo and Virion appear in the Trollskull Inn. There is no sign of Fenriz, Harker, Myrkur or Orie. The inn is empty, with a thick layer of dust and some broken windows. Seeking answers, they go see the Blackstaff, Vajra Safahr. She tells them it has been TWO YEARS since they went into the Undermountain and she has no information about their companions. But, she has a mission for them. Something odd is happening in the far North, near the Icewind Dale. The weather has been changing for the last few years, winter has been coming sooner and staying longer and colder. Last year, the region barely had a summer at all. Members of the Arcane Brotherhood, a wizard's guild in Luskan, have also sent agents to investigate. She has set up passage for them to the port town of Fireshear, from there they will need to travel cross country to Bryn Shander. She also provides them with winter clothing and tents. Since some of their original party are missing, she will reinforce them with additional agents: a human ranger, Tannhaus, a satyr bard, Dafni, a firbolg druid, Varis and a drow wizard, Hadrian. They have a little time to shop for extra equipment and magic items, they leave the next morning. Hadrian is very pushy with the ship's captain, Zardoz Zord, especially when the captain announces he needs to stop briefly in Luskan and deliver a message. The stop will be brief and the crew and adventurers will have to remain on board. The parrty doesn't take that well, especially Hadrian. He tries to go along as bodyguard for the captain, but is refused. Dafni and Caeli question the crew and find out the captain has made similar stops here before. When the ship makes port and the captain goes ashore, Dafni and Caeli convince the crew to let them go ashore. They wander a round town, visiting a few merchants and a tavern before returning to the ship. The captain returns after a few hours and they set sail for Fireshear. The captain has dinner with them and asks them to deliver a letter to a woman in Bryn Shander, Vellyne Harpel, a representative of the Arcane Brotherhood. The captain says he has sent several messages, but not heard anything back. The party agrees.
They arrive in Fireshear and disembark, and ask some questions of the locals. They find there is a trail that goes to the town of Hundelstone and on to Bryn Shander. Normally caravans travel the Ten Trail, but no caravans have come through in months. The party sets out and travels to Hundelstone, which is a mining town of dwarves. The locals have little supplies, but do provide some walking sticks. The adventurers head out the next morning after spending the night and climb the trail into the mountains. Just as they are about to make camp, they see three dark figures with glowing faces approaching them…
The party forms up to fight as the creatures charge them. Tannhaus, Tetsuo, Varis and Virion form a line with Caeli, Dafni, and Hadrian behind. Varis turns into a polar bear and Virion thinks they're undead, so he casts Protection from Evil. The creature's face glow blinds Tannhus, Testuo, and Virion, they attack with rays of light and vicious smashing blows. Hadrian attacks with Toll the Dead and Caeli throws a Chromatic Orb. The blinded adventurers recover and the battle turns as the party attacks. Tetsuo kills one and it shatters into frozen chunks. Hadrian kills a second and the third hits the bear hard before fleeing. Tetsuo pursues andkills it, but it dies with a load roar, causing an avalanche. Hadrian runs north and the party follows. Virion sees Tetsuo hesitating and grabs him as he runs by and drags the samurai along. The avalanche catches the ranger and bard, but they are able to pull free and escape.
The party moves further down the trail and finds a good spot to make camp. Dafni casts Leomund's Tiny Hut with a rhyme and the party settle in. Hadrian and Varis take watches while the rest of the party recovers. The next day the party travels on, but they expect they won't make it to town until the next day. Again they take shelter in Dafni's spell. In the middle of the night, Dafni and Varis spot a group of northern barbarians move past, apparently patrolling. They waken the rest of the party and they watch quietly. The barbarians seem to be behaving strangely, the carry flails and javelins tipped with black stone. The party returns to rest, but in the morning the barbarians pass by again. One seems to be talking to his weapon.
Concerned that the barbarians will call for reinforcements, the party decides to ambush them. Once the barbarians are past, Hadrian and Dafni step out of the Hut and cast Toll the Dead and Dissonant Whispers at them. Most of the barbarians turn and charge except for the one hit by Dafni's spell, who flees. Dafni and Hadrian flee and the barbarians run past the hut. The rest of the party steps out and attacks the barbarians. They are berserkers and go into rage and fight back. The touch of their black tipped weapons poisons their victims briefly. Varis casts Call Lightning to hit a couple, Hadrian catches two with Lightning Bolt and so does Caeli. Tannhaus and Tetsuo go hand to hand and Virion casts Spirit Guardians. One barbarian attacks Dafni and she traps him with Phantasmal Force and he dies fighting his imaginary enemy. The party slays all the barbarians and Varis uses Detect Magic to find the barbarians' weapons are magic and one has a ring as well. The ring looks like it was carved from ice with a snowflake design on top. When they touch the ring, they are teleported in a swirl of snow to the foot of a mountain path leading up to a cave whose opening has been carved to look like a dragon's head and open mouth.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Trying to find animals to spy on the captain, someone suggests using Speak with Animals on seagulls
Lee "Mine, mine, mine"
Chmiel "We could talk to rats"
Emily "No rats!"
Chmiel "I forgot you have a phobia against rats"
Emily "Yeah, from ten years ago"

Lee's NPC bartender has a Scottish and "nautical" accent
Callum "He's a Scottish pirate"

Discussing drinks at the bar
Lee "Dolphin Semen"

Dafni and Caeli are shopping in Luskan
Jim "Do they have any snow globes?"
Emily "They damned well better"

Mike rolls poorly for knowledge about the Arcane Brotherhood
Lee "You think they're brothers; Bob and Doug Arcane"

Discussing the size of the ship they're on
Brittany "As long as it doesn't get stuck in a canal"

Talking about the party's mix of races
Chmiel "We look like a He-Man spinoff"

Wondering about monsters in the mountains, Lee mentions a few, including "abdominal snowmen"
Chmiel "They're totally jacked; they have ten-pack abs"

Lee is talking about the rig he was using to suspend his phone as a camera over the map
Lee "It's a firmer mount"
Mike "That's what she said"

Lee forgot Hadrian's name and had him listed as "Drowy McDrowface"

The first cold zombie breaks into frozen chunks
Chmiel "They weren't very ice to us"
Jim "That was cold"
Multiple moans from other players
Brittany "They gave me the cold shoulder"
Chmiel "Ice guys finish last"

Emily's bard casts Phantasmal Force
Lee "What phantasm are you creating?"
Mike "A metal ball. With blades"

Kevin's druid hits
Kevin "Nine damage"
Chmiel "How much damage?"

The Phantasmal Force kills the barbarian
Emily "I murdered him with his own mind"