Travel Times

These speeds are based on my rough map of the 'Verse with orbital distances based on the "Complete and Official Map of the 'Verse" and "The Verse in Numbers" and using the .0016 times the speed of light per speed class estimate. These are rough, but useable estimates, depending on the specific planetary positions within the two systems, travel time could vary by a day, plus or minus.

For ships travelling on their reaction drives, not pulse drive, a speed class is equal to about 1/2 G of acceleration. I use the charts and formulas from Traveller to calculate travel times, but that's not often. I also use a simpler fuel tracking, since most of the time the ships are travelling by pulse drive, I just work out a tons/day based on the ship and use that for fuel accounting. And I don't bother with the bit about activating the pulse drive uses up 100 hours of fuel. I might change that back in a future campaign, but I'm not worrying about it for now. Hard burn does use double fuel as per the book. I have considered revising that as well.

Travel Times for a Speed Class 4 vessel

White Sun to:
Georgia: 5.6 days
Red Sun: 5.6 days
Kalidasa: 10.6 days
Blue Sun: 15 days

Georgia to:
White Sun: 5.6 days
Kalidasa: 10.3 days
Red Sun: 11.2 days
Blue Sun: 19 days

Red Sun to:
White Sun: 5.6 days
Georgia: 11.2 days
Kalidasa: 13.5 days
Blue Sun: 12 days

Kalidasa to:
Georgia: 10.3
White Sun: 10.6 days
Blue Sun: 13.2 days
Red Sun: 13.5 days

Blue Sun to:
Red Sun: 12 days
Kalidasa: 13.2 days
White Sun: 15 days
Georgia: 19 days

Note again that these are travel times for a Speed Class 4 vessel. A SC2 ship would take twice as long and a SC1 ship four times as long. A SC1 bulk freighter going from White Sun to Blue Sun would take 2 months for the trip. This highlights the need for deep Black skyplexes like Long Night on the White Sun-Blue Sun route.