Train Job Reverse

(I had this idea after thinking about the Firefly episode "Train Job". Suppose the player characters were waiting on a shipment of medicine that was stolen…)

Players and Characters
Ryan: Chris Hammond, Doctor
Matt: Roy Nelson, Copilot/Mechanic
Konrad: Jett Winters, Medtech
Emily: Ru, a mystery person
Kevin: Samuel L. Jenkins, Pilot
Raleigh: Naomi Hale, Medtech/Engineering
Mike: Duncan Bidwell, Security Officer

11/12/2520 Alliance Standard Dating

The Apollo is on Whittier and the teams are doing routine clinic visits to small towns. Team 3 lands at the village of Shuigu and begins checking the locals, dealing with routine maladies. However, they realize that many of the people are suffering from a respiratory fungal infection produced during terraforming, known locally as Kang Fashao or chaff fever. They do not have enough medication with them and contact the Apollo for more. The Apollo doesn't have enough, but contacts the local Alliance authorities who arrange for a delivery. Since this is a poor rim world, the local authorities are a private security firm, not Alliance personnel. Team 3's personnel are scornful, referring to them as "mercs" or mercenaries.

However, the next day the delivery has not arrived, they query the Apollo, who bounces the question to the depot, who reply that they have lost contact with the delivery skiff. The team takes the Betty and goes searching for the delivery team and their hover skiff. They are found dead, killed from ambush. Tracks around the skiff show bandits hit it and made off with the medicine. They call back to the Apollo and report what has happened. The Apollo's command staff leans on the local Alliance bureacracy and gets permission for the Maggie Mae to pick up another batch of medicine from the central supply depot at the port and deliver it straight to Team 3 in Shuigu. Once the medicine has been delivered, some of the team goes out to track the bandits and eventually follows them to their camp. They call the authorities and a team of Federal Marshalls storm the bandit camp and take them prisoners. The medical team recovers the stolen drug containers, but finds they contain the wrong medicine. At some point, the proper medicine was switched out for another medication, a simple narcotic pain killer which has decent street value, but not as much as the medication the crates were labelled to hold.

Members of Team 3 go to visit the merc's depot. They speak to the depot commander who agrees to allow them to help investigate the supply situation. It turns out that the supply officer has been selling the needed medicine on the side, since its not commonly used, he thought no one would miss it. When the call came in for medicine that was no longer available, he made a deal with the local bandits to rob the skiff, which would confuse matters long enough for him to cover his tracks and get away.

Our mystery person is still attached to the team as a trainee under Jett's supervision. He is having more dreams and some nightmares as well. He has a dream about eating in a cafeteria with other "students", one of them calls him "Ru", so he takes it as his name. Another dream involves being forced to solve math problems while going through shock therapy. Most disturbing of all, he has a nightmare where his "final exam" in hand to hand combat is a gladiatorial match to the death with a convicted murderer. Ru and his classmates are forced to kill or be killed as part of their training. Jett and Dr. Hammond are conferring in an effort to figure out what has been done to Ru.

Quotes and Smart Remarks
The players are talking about getting new skills for their characters and discussing silly skills like wood carving and crafting pipes and such for sale
Emily "We could make space Etsy, its Spetsy"

Raleigh "Break it like a treaty with the Federation" (Raleigh and Konrad are working their way through Star Trek: Deep Space 9)

Jim "You have a nightmare of being strapped to a chair and doing math problems while being electroshocked."
Emily "Like vet school?"

Emily "What does Spikipedia say?"

Emily dropped some pieces of a map from a previous adventure
Raleigh "You're leaking topography"

Emily "We're not playing Fat Albert: The RPG"
Konrad (deep Bill Cosby voice) "Hey, hey, hey, stay in character"

The team loads their mule on the mercenaries' mule
Raleigh "We're going to get some mule on mule action"
Emily "So its a donkey show?"

Raleigh "Its Doctors Without Atmospheres" as a play on Doctors Without Borders