Tower of Zephyros

Players and Characters
Half-orc Barbarian Talak Bloodtusk- Callum
Human Paladin Sir Conlan- Jim
Wood Elf Monk Valfir- Michael
High Elf Sorceress Astrid Helland- Mike C

After rescuing the dwarves in the Lost Mines of Phandelver, the party heads to the city of Waterdeep to spend their rewards and look for work. Also in town are the barbarian Talak and sorceress Astrid who end up in a tavern with Sir Conlan and Valfir. There is a dwarf who appears to be interviewing people for a job. Astrid approaches him and he begins to explain his story. Talak comes over as well. Valfir can't restrain his curiosity and joins in. When Valfir hears the dwarf has a job, he calls Sir Conlan to come listen.
The dwarf is Morak Ur'gray, a refugee from the town of Nightstone. The town was attacked and most of the people slain by giants who flew over the town in a floating castle and bombarded them with rocks. When the town was destroyed, they landed and took a large black stone from the village. After the giants' attack, the village's defenses were shattered and a band of goblins overran the town. Morak has letters he wants delivered to the next of kin of the townspeople, one letter to Goldenfields, another to Triboar and a third finally to Bryn Shander far to the north.
The party agrees and asks for money for supplies, Morak pays them half up front and Sir Conlan holds the money.The group breaks up to get supplies for the trip and to plan the journey. They will travel to Goldenfields, then return to Waterdeep to head north to Triboar. From Triboar they will head to Neverwinter and resupply for the long journey to Bryn Shander. They leave word for their companions Iados, Skamos and Vincent to join them in Goldenfields if possible, otherwise they will meet up later.
The new team rides out the next day with Talak on point so the paladin can keep an eye on him. The first night in the wilderness is quiet, but on the second day a giant stone tower on a cloud appears flying towards them and stops nearby, hovering in the air. Clouds flow down to the ground and form steps and after some discussion, they hobble their horses and climb the steps. The tower on the cloud is about 100 feet tall and hexagonal in cross section, each facet side is 80 feet long. A pair of giant wooden doors face them. They open the doors and enter an antechamber, also giant sized, with a curtained opening across the way. The curtains part to pass a giant with grey skin and white hair. He greets them and introduces himself as Zephyros and that he has come to help them on their journey. Zephyros says he has been scrying them and that they can restore "the ordning" which is broken and has lead to chaos. After some discussion, the party hesitantly agrees and brings their horses up. The sky tower heads to Goldenfields, but it is slow, however they should be safer since they are off the ground.
The next day a group of nine humans mounted on giant vultures approach and land. Two leaders wear frightening, bird like helmets and they try to force their way into the tower, but the party delays them until Zephyros joins them. One of the leader offers a pouch bearing a gift if Zephyros will join their cause. Zephyros retreats inside to scry for his best choice, he returns and refuses. The bird riders angrily leave and the party is on watch for the bird riders to return. But the bird riders dive out of the sun, taking them by surprise. Talak is paralyzed by a spell and Sir Conlan is struck by a thrown dagger. The bird riders circle, throwing daggers and spells at the party. Astrid retaliates with powerful Shatter spells and Valfir and Sir Conlan fire arrows and bolts. The riders land and most draw scimitars to charge the party. Talak shakes off his paralysis and attacks. Astrid uses Shatter again and shoots Magic Missiles at the enemy, killing one. Sir Conlan kills a leader with his crossbow, Valfir charges them and kills a swordsman, then retreats and Talak kills another with his great axe. The leaders slain and some of the followers dead, Valfir calls on the last few to surrender and they throw down their weapons. The adventurers disarm and search all of the attackers and take their weapons. One of the leaders has an ornate satchel and Valfir opens it. Some kind of air spirit surges out of it, sees the leaders are dead and it flees off into the sky. The party sees Zephyros has been watching them. He demonstrates that the satchel is a magic item that stores what you put in it, it is bigger on the inside than its physical size. They fill it with the daggers, scimitars and armor from the bird riders to sell later. He also gives them the pouch and explains it is ten sachets of pixie dust, each enough for a use. Talak and Valfyr each take one and Astrid holds the rest. Zephyros explains the bird riders were cultists of the evil air elemental prince and that he could not join them.
The rest of the journey is quiet and the party is dropped off a safe distance from Goldenfields so they can ride in the rest of the way. Talak sprinkles his pixie dust on his head and gains the ability to fly for a few minutes.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Callum's character has lots of tattoos
Callum "It was a drunk night decision"
Jim "Every night's a drunk night when you're a barbarian"

A dwarf is looking to hire adventurers
Jim "Last time we took a job from a dwarf we got Fireballed repeatedly"

Valfir is haggling for a short sword and it was suggested he could do a side quest to pay for it
Mike "Sign outside says 'We don't accept side quests' "

Lee is playing different background side effects
Lee "Scottish Rain. Because it sounds different than regular rain"
Jim "That's because its whiskey, not water"
Lee "There's Fantasy Sewer"
Jim "No, that's where the tentacle monsters live"

The cloud giant's tower on a cloud approaches
Jim "That's no cloud… its a sky castle"

Astrid shakes hands with the giant
Mike "I bet it feels big in my baby hand"

Lee "He goes upstairs and does whatever it is giants do"

Valfir is very excitable and outgoing
Mike, to Michael "You're like the little kid in Up!"

The cloud castle is slow
Callum "Are we there yet?"

Discussing the magical properties of pixie dust
Callum "Can I snort it?"