Tomb of Annihilation


This game is taken from the newest 5E module book. Our adventurers are new to D&D and will begin at 2nd level.

Our adventurers are fresh out of the Sunless Citadel, in which they destroyed an unhinged and excommunicated druid named Belak, and his creation of a magic tree, which produces fruit that can either heal, or kill depending on the season.

As our adventurers return to town, receive their reward and take a night to enjoy the "fruits" of their labor, they notice a strange woman sitting in the tavern, asking if they are ready for another adventure. If they listen close enough they hear rumors of a death curse that has been spreading throughout the land. Closer listening reveals that those who have even been raised from the dead grow thinner and weaker each day, insidiously sliding towards death. When they finally succumb they cannot be raised. Scholars and temples have been relentlessly at work trying to cure this curse, but efforts have been futile. It is now up to our adventurers to solve the mystery of the death curse…

Alicia- Halfling Cleric Talya
Bonnie- White Dragonborn Ranger Korinn "Puddlejumper" of clan Nemmenis
Caite- High Elf Wild Mage Sorceress Therhana
Jim- Half-Elf Fighter Iakin "Two-Swords" Skilgannon
Lee- Human Wild Mage Sorceror Remoro Domini
Marcus- Human Druid Tamaran
MC- Tiefling Bard Aria Infernalis
Scott M- Human Rogue Kiistnoa Alhkenous
Scott C- Half-Orc Barbarian Nanoc Doombringer

Welcome to the Jungle
Goblin Village
Plundered Temple
Hedging your Bets
Garden Party
Peaks of Flame
City of Snakes
Offer you can't refuse
Enter the Tomb

EDIT- The campaign ran from November 2017 to August of 2019 and we lost interest right at the conclusion.

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Introducing the adventure
And..we're done