Tomb in the Woods

This is a redo of Dead Man's Hall for my Young Gamers sessions

Michael- Paladin of Tyr, Sir Andrew
Chris, Michael's nephew- Elf Mage, Edres
Konrad- Cleric of Torre, Oric

The party is staying at the Thrown Dagger Inn in the town of Cadun and spot a shifty looking group in the inn, a wizard, two fighters and a rogue. Edres hears them talking about the famous and believed dead necromancer, Himmle. When they see Sir Andrew looking at them, they go up to their room. Edres follows them and listens at their door; they are on the trail of Himmle's tomb and hope to recover some of his power. Edres goes back to the common room and tells his companions what he heard. The party decides to get up early and follow them. In the morning, they are awakened early by the innkeeper and they hide outside to watch the bad guys leave. The party follows them down the road and cross country to the tomb. The wizard kills the rogue to use him as a sacrifice to open the tomb. The party advances, are attacked by the fighters, but take both of them prisoner. They follow the wizard into the tomb, but have to fight some skeletons. They come to a sealed door which hits them with a lightning Glyph of Warding. They try to figure out how to force the door open, but can't. They go back outside and question the fighters who are not cooperative. While they are talking to the fighters, the wizard comes out hidden by an Invisibility spell and casts Stinking Cloud on the party. They fight the wizard and manage to take him prisoner as well and confiscate the items he took from the tomb. They will take them back to town for justice.

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Michael "Hey, I button my chainmail ALL the way up"

Michael, in character "So how did you come by this information?"
Chris "I was eavesdropping"

Konrad, after his character uses his quarterstaff "I need to stretch, I haven't been using my staff lately"
Jim "I'm not going there"
Konrad "No! Platonic love, just man loving man…" He stops and thinks "I'm never going to live that down"
Jim starts to write down Konrad's comments.
Konrad "Don't post that!"

Chris "Would the skeletons have anything <to open the door>?"
Jim "Like a skeleton key?"