To Sleep Perchance To Scream

(GM's note: Based on adventure of the same name in The Expanse RPG book by Ian Lemke)

Side Job
The Hellhammer returns to Ceres to drop off Professor Khamavant and his students. While they are getting the airlock repaired, Solo's contact Liao Zhenya approaches them with a job. And a cargo. There's something of an urban legend of young adult belters going missing. On a station as big as Ceres, things like that are bound to happen. Runaways, unsolved murders, OPA recruitments, etc. But one of her relative's kids went missing, he said he had a really good job offer on Vesta, but it was hush-hush. If they will take her cargo to Vesta, she will pay them to look around on the side. She has information on six possible missing kids. The crew agrees, and once the ship is repaired, they head to Vesta. Redstar tries to contact his friend Muss, who works for Star Helix on Ceres, but he doesn't hear back from her. When they arrive at Vesta, Solo makes a bad approach and gets a fine, but he drops the name of Matty's friend in customs and gets it reduced.

Inquiring Minds
On Vesta, they talk with Lorena in customs. She runs their missing belters through the system but they don't show up as having been on Vesta. She has heard the same kind of rumors here, but supposedly one of the missing kids mentioned Pope-Sanchez Shipping. They're an Earther company based on Luna. Matty sends a message to a friend on Luna for information about the company. They dig into some travel records and find one of the companiy's ships, the Ebenezer Hazard is on a triangle route between Ceres, Luna and Vesta and is currently enroute to Ceres. Matty's contact sends them some information about Pope-Sanchez; the current CEO, Sebastian Pope, is obsessed with human interstellar flight, but not the generation ship method the Mormons are planning with the Nauvoo. Instead, he has been funding suspended animation and life extension techniques.
Redstar gets a message back from Muss, she is derisive of the "missing belters" claims but knows it doesn't have any priority because of who it has affected. He sends back a question about Pope-Sanchez and gets back an immediate reply from her. She is very startled, she was looking at a missing persons case of a scientist on Ceres, but it was later decided he had possibly defected to another company. But he departed Ceres for Vesta on a Pope-Sanchez ship. She sends along a piece of security video showing the scientist boarding a ship. In the background are some crew in Pope-Sanchez uniforms, one of them is one of the missing kids from Ceres… The missing scientist is a researcher in cryogenic suspended animation.

All a Boarding Party
Looking through the flight logs for the Hazard, sometimes it takes too long to arrive at its destination. That could be explained by a detour to a point in the asteroids. The Hellhammer departs Vesta and rushes to Ceres to arrive before the Hazard leaves. The Hazard is still in port, they decide to don suits, spacewalk to it and break in. Coming in through an aft airlock, they search the ship in the middle of the night. The ship seems normal, but the sickbay has lots of medical couches and the extra ones have lots of sedatives and IV feeding solutions. They ambush the crew when they return and capture the pilot, engineer and security officer. Interrogating the pilot, they learn the Hazard is delivering belters the security officer recruits to a secret research base on an asteroid. None of the belters are ever seen again. They also delivered the cryogenics scientist there. The crew decides to take the Hazard and infiltrate the base. Using the information in the ship's computer, Solo flies them to the asteroid and docks. They go aboard, ready for battle and take the security guards at the dock by surprise. Fighting their way to the station's security room, they take control of the hatches and find the lab on the internal cameras. In the lab, they find a partially autopsied belter body, the scientist in charge and the missing cryogenics expert, Dr. Matteo Cerri. The senior researcher puts in a self destruct command, but the cryo scientist begs for a rescue and the crew takes him with them. They look at experimental cryo-suspension units holding more belters, but he tells them they're better off dead. The crew evacuates the base, taking the rescued scientist before the base explodes.
Returning to Ceres, they are arrested on charges of piracy by Pope-Sanchez. However, with Dr. Cerri's testimony, the ship's records and the confession of the three crew members of the Hazard, the crew is released with a warning and charges are filed against Pope.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Lee rolls well for Solo's piloting check
Lee "I do a barrel roll past control"
Jim "Don't buzz the tower"
Lee "I totally buzz the tower"

Discussing alcohol in the Expanse and Belters make booze from mushrooms, etc.
Mike "Soy bourbon, sourbon"
Lee "Spourbon"
Mike "Spourbon sounds nasty"

Discussing one of Matty's contacts is Brazilian
Jim "She's Brazilian, so she gets +1 Attractiveness"
Mike "x4 Hotness"

The suspect ship is named the Ebenezer Hazard
Mike "It's the Erky Timbers of the Expanse"

Jim tosses a poker chip to Lee and it lands in the bucket of cookie chips
Lee "Cannoli points"