To Rob A Thief

The party comes to Verella. Hudora is seeking knowledge of her parents, having heard that they faked their deaths and their "will" left her enough money for the rest of her wizard school tuition. She should have gotten a message from her parents telling her where they went. She believes the school's headmaster must have concealed the truth and stolen the money. Raidne has also noticed that the seed she saved from her druids' grove has sprouted, she need to return to the grove and plant the seed. But she doesn't know if the necromancers still have control of the grove or what undead are still present.
They decide to spy on the headmaster, Hudora remembers where his house is near the school. Supposedly, the house is small because it isn't his real dwelling, it is supposed to have a magic portal to a castle somewhere in the mountains. They spy on the house and Harper casts Detect Magic and discovers that every outside door, window and even the chimney are protected by what she thinks are Glyphs of Warding. Hudora and Raidne knockon the front door and it's opened by an older man who striks them as some sort of craftsman. They say they're alumni of the school, looking to visit the headmaster. He says he and his wife are the housekeepers, they live here so they don't have to pay for housing in Verella. He suggests they go to the school and see the headmaster there. They leave and make new plans. Harper and Pancho will watch the house, Hudora, Raidne and Eroe will go spy on the school. The three find places near the school to watch for the headmaste, late in the afternoon they spot him leaving the school with two other professors and go to the Silver Cauldron, a tavern across the street that caters to the school staff. Hudora remembers students were discouraged from going there. Eroe hangs outside, Hudora and Raidne find a table, but not very close to the headmaster. Reading his lips, they seem to be discussing mundane school matters. Raidne shapshifts into a mouse and runs across the floor. She chews a hole in the corner of the headmaster's valise and hides inside with his papers.
The headmaster goes home with Hudora and Eroe following. Raidne hears the password he uses to disarm the front door Glyph. He tells the housekeepers he will have dinner there, then "go to the castle" for the night. He puts his bag in his study and walks out, Raidne escapes the bag and searches the house in mouse form. Later, he surprises her while she is searching and she barely hides under a bookshelf before he casts a spell at her. He opens a secret door in the study and goes into a secret room which is lit by a shifting green fire. He talks to someone named "Astos" who is whining about being stuck inside all the time.
Once the wizard is gone, Raidne opens a window and lowers a rope. Most of the party makes it in except for Harper, who makes noise. She uses her Wand of Frost to cast Fog Cloud outside the backdoor and hides. The housekeeper opens the door to the Fog Cloud and tells his wife the students are playing pranks again and goes back inside. Harper manages to make it upstairs and inside. They open the door to the sectre room and find a floating skull wreathed in green fire. It is a flameskull, a guardian undead. It greets them and starts chatting about how nice it is to see strangers, he is so bored stuck in this room. Then, when it has their attention, it shoots two rays of fire at Hudora. The party attacks and Hudora casts Shatter, shaking the entire house. As Eroe smashes the skull against the wall, the housekeepers scream downstairs and the wife screams for them to call the wizard. Raidne hits the skull with Moonbeam and it shatters. Raidne uses her magic paint to paint a wall over the door of the study and Harper pours holy water on the flameskull so it won't regenerate. While they are exmining the teleport portal in the room and trying to decide what to do next, the wizard arrives outside and calls them out. He has appeared with three duplicates from Mirror Image. Hudora goes out through another secret door into the hallway to talk to him and tries to appeal to him for word of her parents. But he realizes who she is and raises his hands to cast Lightning Bolt at her. She hits him with Shatter, destroying the duplicates and ducks back through the door. He stalks forward and unleashes the Lightning Bolt, hitting Raidne, Hudora and harper and blowing a hole in the wall. Eroe smashes through the wall of the study and hits him from behind and grapples with the wizard. Raidne casts Snare and the trap grabs Eroe and the wizard, lifting them off their feet. Pancho comes through the hole Eroe made and casts Hypnotic Pattern, charming the wizard. Harper heals herself and Raidne. Hudora asks him where her parents are, he says they are in the town of Helonshire, which she doesn't recognize. She asks about her money and says he spent some of it but has most tucked away at his castle. She wants to know why he did this to her and he says she is a stupid halfling not worthy to cast spells. They make him teleport them to his castle.
They arrive in a similar portal room and he disarms the trap on the door and leads them out into a big entry hall. Six animated suits of armor line the walls and they turn to look at the party, but the wizard waves them back. The wizard leads them to the third floor of the castle and into his study. He walks across the room and opens a secret panel to expose a wall safe and… Pancho's charm wears off! Eroe attacks him, but his sword slashes only open small wounds; it feels like he's hitting a tree. Raidne traps him with Snare again, but the wizard Misty Steps out into the hallway and hits Harper with a Firebolt spell. Pancho hits the wizard with an overcharged Dissonant Whispers spell and the wizard flees. Hudora tries to open the safe, but it's too hard and she gives up for now. Harper and Hudora pursue the wizard downstairs, Hudora hits him with a Flame Arrow bolt from her crossbow and Harper uses Flame Strike. The wizard turns and casts Cone of Cold at them. Harper takes it and keeps charging, casting Holy Weapon. She uses her Channel Divinity and War Priest insight and slashes him twice with her sword and cuts him down.
But the battle took place in sight of the animated suits of armor and they advance to avenge him. The suits are actually Helmed Horros, quite powerful and magic resistant constructs. Eroe, Pancho and Harper stand against them, Hudora snipes from around the corner of the stairwell. Eroe opens with Burning Hands and then casts Blur to defend himself, but the horrors have no eyes and are immune to the illusion. Pancho tries a Crown of Madness, but it fails and he draws his rapier. Raidne searches upstairs and draws a door on the safe with her magic paint and takes out a small bag, a locked jewelry box and a courier's leather packet used to transport letters. She looks in the wizard's bedroom quickly, then joins the battle. Harper casts Spirit Guardians and Spiritual Weapon, but the sword spell does no damage, so she draws her sword again. Raidne drops Flaming Sphere behind the rear ranks of Horrors, burning them. Pancho and Hudora hit them with successive Shatter spells and he does Dissonant Whispers on one which flees through the Flaming Sphere and breaks down. The Horros start to fall and Raidne joins in with Flame Blade. Under the constant onslaught, the party takes wounds, but the constructs begin to fall from accumulated damage and the adventurers win out. They search the ground floor and find the castle's staff, a middle aged peasant couple and a young woman. They try to scare the party away with threats of the wizard's retaliation. When they're told the wizard is dead, they pack their bags, steal a pile of silverware from the dining room and flee. Eroe follows them out and sees there is a small village nearby.
Returning to the upper floors, they find a secret door from the study, but when Hudora opens it with her Mage Hand, a Glyph appears and something joins them. Hudora is smashed against the wall by wind gusts, something invisible is attacking her. She uses Hatred's Bite to See Invisible, it's an air elemental, an invisible stalker. Harper casts Detect Evil to see it and the party attacks. The creature tries to pick Hudora up and throw her out the window, but she dodges. Harper tries to use Banishment on it and succeeds on the second casting.
Now they take time to search and examine what they have found. Beyond the secret door is the wizard's laboratory. The bag has 4,000 gold worth of gems, the locked box has a Potion of Supreme Healing. Inside the courier packet is the official letter notifying Mirabella took of her parent's death and the details of the trust fund for her schooling. Magic letters at the bottom appear to her, with a note from her parents that they are alive in the town of Helonshire, she should come visit after she graduates. They take the wizard's spell books and his potion recipes book from the lab. He had a magic cloak, wand and potion. A shield on the wall of his study is magical and so is the cap on the statue's head. But on closer examination, the statue radiates magic too, not as an enchanted item, but under the influence of a spell. The statue must be a real person, turned to stone! Harper can reverse it, but she needs to prepare Greater Restoration.
With the wizard dead, they are trapped here, unable to return using the teleport portal. They walk to the village, but it's late and the town is closed up. It's a small farming village far from the main roads; there isn't an inn or even a tavern and they return to the castle. Eroe suggests Raidne create a portal to the Feywild for the trip home. The party decides to sleep on it and decide in the morning.
Once they get up in the morning, Harper prayers for the appropriate spell and restores the statue person to life. It is a young human male, he is very confused about where he is, but is concerned the wizard will be back. They assure him the wizard won't be. He says his name is Ewin and he answers their questions in a round about way, but it's obvious he was a thief from Verella who fell afoul of one of the wizard's traps. It turns out he has been a statue for more than five years… When they tell him he's in a castle, he explains the wizard had a secret retreat in the Dragonspine Mountains, at least a week's ride East of Verella. Since they don't have enough horses for everyone, they decide to take the Feywild option. He agrees to accompany them on the journey to Verella. They go outside and Raidne casts //Fey Portal//, opening a door sized gateway to the Feywild. Beyond the gate is a snow covered landscape and they realize it's winter in that part of the Feywild. While Raidne holds the portal, they rush back into the keep and gather spare clothes and blankets for the trip. They go through the portal and Raidne closes it behind them. The adventurers are in snowy foothills backing up to mountains made of giant blue crystals. Raidne leads off and they head in the general direction of Verella in the mortal world.
The weather is cold and Pancho and Ewin are suffering, but are dressed in extra layers of the wizard's clothes. But Hudora is not doing well and Eroe sweeps her up and carries her, wrapped in a blanket. Passing through a valley, they meet three beautiful female snow elves, dressed in blues and white with white, pale lavender or green hair. Their leader says she and her sisters have a shelter nearby and invites them to take a break from the cold. Two of the elves lead the way into a cave while a third guards the party from behind. The passage opens up into a large chamber with a bonfire in one corner and three mounds of stinking animal skins for beds. The adventurers feel something is wrong, but before they can act, the two elves at the front turn into green hags and the rear guard grows into a monstrous annis hag, blocking their escape!
Hudora and Ewin hide in the shadows and begin sniping at the hags. Eroe draws swords and hits one of the green hags. The annis rains claw and bite attacks on Harper, but she blocks them with the Shield spell. A green hag shoots a Lightning Bolt through the party, hitting Eroe, Raidne and Pancho. Raidne drops Flaming Sphere behind the green hags, burning them both. Pancho shoots a crossbow bolt scharged with Psychic Blades at the annis hag and Harper calls on her War Priest insight to attack twice and uses Channel Divinity to hit the annis hag both times. A green hag hits Eroe with Eyebite and he is sickened and weak. The annis hag hits Harper with three attacks despiter her Shield spell. One of the green hags tries Hold Person on Raidne and the other turns Invisible to escape Eroe. Pancho tries Crown of Madness on the green hag, but it resists, and he gives Harper a bardic inspiration. Hudora uses //Hatred's Bite to see invisible objects and does a Misty Step behind the invisible green hag. Eroe swings at the other green hag, but misses most of his swings due to his sickness. Raidne hits it with Thunderwave and flings it across the cave. Harper casts Holy Weapon and lays into the annis hag, it sweeps her up in a crushing bear hug and Pancho hits it again, killing it. One green hag casts Vicious Mockery at Eroe and Raidne drops it with an arrow from her long bow. Hudora backstabs the invisible hag and kills it.
Searching the rest of the cave, they find a refuse pit full of bones at the back of the cave and a real snow elf prisoner waiting to be eaten. The party helps her out and she offers to help them in return for her life. They explain they are travelling to Verella, does she know the way? She says she definitely can guide them (GM's note- I rolled a natural 20 for her skill check to know the way). A few hours walking takes them to a point near a village that resembles clusters of tall, cylindrical towers of bronze metal. She says if they open a portal here, Verella is only a few miles away. As they leave, she says in a formal manner, "The debt is repaid" and the party passes through Raidne's portal back into the mortal world. There is a thunderstorm raining down, but it feels like a warm, late summer night. They hike to the north city gates and Pancho convinces the guards to let them in. As the guards shut the gate behind them, they realize Ewin has disappeared. They find a nearby inn, since the one they were staying at is on the opposite side of town. In the morning, they question the innkeeper and learn they have only been away a few days. They head back to their old inn and pay the innkeeper a fine for leaving their horses and gear behind. With some magic items from the wizard's keep, they find someone to Identify them. Pancho takes the Cloak of Protection, Raidne the Cap of Swimming. Hudora takes the Wand of Mind Magic. Harper keeps a Potion of Superior Healing and Eroe takes a Potion of Supreme Healing and a Potion of Growth. There is also an Arrow Blocking Shield which Eroe takes for now.
The adventurers find a mapmaker and locate Helonshire, it is not far over the northern border of Tsaia into the Open Lands. Raidne wants to return to her grove and try to plant the seed she saved from the holy tree and Helonshire is on the way. The party stocks up on supplies and leaves town the next day. It takes them a week to reach Helonshire. On the road they hear stories of orc raiding bands but arrive in Helonshire safely. They take rooms at the Red Griffin inn and ask about Hudora's parents. The innkeeper says they have a shop on the village green. They walk over and find the shop with a sign "Clayhanger and Clayhanger, Tailors". Hudora leads the party inside and finds her parents working on measurig a local for some clothes. Hudora's father has shaved his head and grown a big, bushy beard, Hudora's mother has dyed her blond hair black. They hug her and question her why she doesn't look like a wizard? She chokes out her story about being expelled from school because her tuition was stoling and having to live on the streets as a thief. her mother cocks an eyebrow at her husband and comments "That apple didn't fall far from the tree". Everyone gets vcleaned up and the "Clayhangers" treat the party to dinner and pay for their rooms at the inn.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Brittany couldn't open the pdf with her updated character sheet, so Jim printed it out, scanned it and sent it to her
Jack "It's irony that the druid's character sheet won't work so we have to kill more trees to print it"

The wizard's house is the equivalent of a Tudor house, with a front door and a back door
Brittany "So it's a two-door?"

Stacy got a grocery delivery of ice cream
Jim "We all scream for ice cream"
Jack "We all scream for plot development"

Stacy compares the wizard's magical house defenses to ADT
Jack "Anti Dungeoneer Traps"

The party destroys the flame skull and Jack is dithering on what to do next or should they hit the remains with holy water so it won't regenerate
Brittany "Throw some holy water on that bitch"

The second session was on Talk Like a Pirate Day, so we had lots of pirate themed jokes
Stacy "I can change the tides of the campaign"

Raidne was searching upstairs and robbing the wizard's safe while the party fought the helmed horrors
Brittany "We're flipping roles today"
Stacy "I don't want to be the grass salesman"

Searching the wizard's bedroom
Stacy "So what's in the wardrobe?"
Brittany "Narrrrrnia"

Jack "How do you make a pirate angry? Take out the 'p'; it makes him irate"

Fighting an air elemental
Stacy "Elemental, my dear Watson"

The thief's name is Ewin
Brittany "What do you win?"
He has been changed into a statue for more than five years
Brittany "Stuck between a rock and a hard place"

The party comes out of the Feywild and arrives at Verella at 3am local time
Jim "That happens, especially when you drive to Ottawa" referring to Chmiel and Brittany's epic mid-winter late night drive to Ottawa, Canada that took them through a blizzard.
Brittany "That was one time!!"