Titan Dropship

Tonnage: 100
Speed Class: 6 Full Burn: 8 (Reaction drive only)
Crew: 2
Fuel Capacity: 2 tons (80 hours)
Cargo/Troops: 30 tons
Armor: 3W 2S
Price: 14,950 cr.
Agi:d6 Str:d4 Vit:d8 Ale:d6 Int:d6 Wil:d8
Init: d6+d6 Life: 12
Perception:d4 Pilot:d4 Heavy Weapons:d4
Complexity: High
Maintenance cost: 320 cr. per year
Weapons: d8 (vehicle) cannon
Ammunition: 500 rounds for cannon, 10 tons of missiles/mixed ordnance

The Titan is the new standard Alliance dropship, carried by the Cortez and Orca class ships.