These dates are for convenience only, since Mars has a year twice as long as Earth's. It is currently spring in the area of the British Crown Colony.

7/23/1889 The town of Abosam and the HMS Menace are attacked. (Death from Above)
7/26/89 The Menace arrives in Karkarham for repairs.
7/30/89 The Menace departs for Gorklimsk
8/1/89 Arrival at Gorklimsk
8/2/89 Departure from Gorklimsk
8/4/89 The Menace lands outside Fadath.
8/6/89 The Menace reaches Bordobaar. (Lost Expedition)
8/7/89 The party and 10 marines descend into the ruins and fight savage descendants of the city. The Menace under Commander Lopkan and Chief MacCraig, fights off an Oenotrian Skyrunner patrol ship.
8/11/89 Return to Karkarham
8/14/89 Depart for Parhoon, planning to scout Shastapsh (Ships that pass in the Sky)
8/16/89 Encounter pirate with prize in tow
8/17/89 Encounter and defeat Shastapsh gunkite
8/20/89 Arrive in Meepsoor
8/23/89 Arrive in Parhoon
8/28/89 Arrive at Chrysax, capture the Intikam
9/2/89 Return to Parhoon (Ships that pass in the Sky)
9/6/89 Head west to invesigate Acidalium Mons.
9/16/89 Destruction of the secret base at Acidalium Mons.